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Mahlkönig vs. Ditting Coffee Grinders Compared

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This piece will compare grinders that the brands Ditting and Mahlkönig offer. Read on to learn more.

I’ve been researching grinders for home and commercial use. That led me to compare 2 popular brands, Ditting and Mahlkönig. This guide will have my findings.

I’ll compare home and business grinders that both brands offer. You’ll see each machine’s specs, who they’re better for, and whether there’s a “better” pick. When you’re done reading, you’ll know which brand suits your needs.

Here is an overview:

Read on to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Ditting grinders, on average, cost more.
  • Mahlkönig grinders have more RPM in their grinders. Meaning they have better particle distribution, leading to a more consistent grind size.
  • Ditting grinders are better for retail grinding.
  • Mahlkönig grinders are better for coffee shops, stands, and drive-throughs.

Commercial Mahlkönig vs. Ditting Grinders

These sections will compare the specifications, design choices, and features of the following commercial grinders:

  • Mahlkönig Guatemala 2.0: Best for Turkish coffee
  • Ditting KR1403: Optimal for coarse grind consistencies
  • Mahlkönig EK43: Optimal for grinding espresso at high-traffic shops
  • Ditting 807 Lab Sweet: Best for multiple brewing methods
  • Mahlkönig DK27 LVH: The better industrial grinder pick
  • Ditting 1403: More affordable industrial grinder
  • Mahlkönig GH2: Most affordable pick for multiple brewing methods
  • Ditting 1203: Slightly cheaper pick that’s best for multiple brewing methods

Once I finish their comparisons, I’ll explain which grinder is the superior pick out of the pairs that I compare.

Ditting doesn’t produce coffee grinders for home use. Hence, this guide will only focus on coffee grinders from both brands for business use.

Are you looking for home-use grinders from brands other than Mahlkönig? Check out guides I wrote that compare Mahlkönig to the following brands:

Otherwise, let’s dive in.

Currently, we do not offer Ditting grinders in our inventory, and therefore, no links for these products are provided. However, we remain committed to unbiased and fair representation of all products.

1. Mahlkönig Guatemala 2.0 vs. Ditting KR1403

mahlkonig guatemala 2.0

Mahlkönig Guatemala 2.0

ditting kr1403

Ditting KR1403

Guatemala 2.0KR1403
Burr ShapeConicalFlat
Material (Burr)Special steelSpecial steel
Diameter (Burr)71 mm140 mm
Hopper Capacity1.1 lbs2.42 lbs
Watts1100 W1700–2000 W
RPM for Burrs3500 RPM1400 RPM
Weight66 lbs83 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)13 × 8.7 × 24.4 in13 × 10 × 25 in

The Mahlkönig Guatemala 2.0 works better for shops on a budget that want to focus on every grinding consistency (especially Turkish coffee). The KR1403 will work better for huge coffee shops that need to grind large amounts of coffee quickly.

The KR1403 has a much higher price than the Guatemala 2.0 due to having much larger burrs, using special steel, and using flat burrs. It also has a hopper capacity double that of Mahlkönig’s grinder.

The 140 mm burrs allow the machine to grind 4.8 pounds per minute, versus the 1.9 pounds the Guatemala can grind [1]. These massive burrs will also do a much better job at resisting heat, which is ideal for preserving your beans’ taste.

Flat burrs do a much better job at separating flavors from coffee beans than conical ones. They’re also better at providing more consistent bean grinds.

Is Ditting’s grinder worth $6,000?

If you’re grinding massive amounts of beans for wholesale or for a roastery, you’re better off with an industrial machine. I’ll compare a couple later in this guide. Otherwise, the KR1403 is worth it if you’re close to wholesale status, but not there.

Or if you’re a retail store and want to let your customers grind coffee. That’s partially because the special steel burrs will allow this machine to grind up to 35,000 pounds before requiring a replacement.

The Guatemala 2.0 isn’t the best grinder Mahlkönig offers, but it’s the best when grinding for Turkish coffee. This brewing method requires the finest of beans, which 3500 RPM can deliver. Such high revolutions per minute also make this machine great for brewing espresso.

And why’d I compare these models? Because they both work well for various brewing methods. One’s just better for grinding massive amounts of beans quickly.

Which One’s Better?

The Ditting KR1403 is a much better option for high-traffic coffee houses, retailers, or wholesalers who need to grind a lot of coffee quickly. The Guatemala 2.0 will work better for medium- to high-traffic shops focusing on many brewing methods. And smaller retailers.

2. Mahlkönig EK43 vs. Ditting 807 Lab Sweet

mahlkonig ek43 coffee grinder black

Mahlkönig EK43

ditting 807 lab sweet

Ditting 807 Lab Sweet

EK43807 Lab Sweet
Burr ShapeFlatFlat
Material (Burr)Cast steelCast steel
Diameter (Burr)98 mm80 mm
Hopper Capacity3.3 lbs1.12 lbs
Watts1300 W700 W
RPM for Burrs1450 RPM (50 Hz)
1760 RPM (60 Hz)
1400 RPM (50 Hz)
1700 RPM (60 Hz)
Weight57.3 lbs38 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)9.06 × 32.6 × 16.1 in14 × 11.49 × 26.9 in

The Mahlkönig EK43 is a better choice for larger coffee shops that focus on making espresso-based drinks. The Ditting 807 Lab Sweet is a better choice for shops who also want to brew drinks requiring coarse grinds.

Both grinders can grind up to 14,300 pounds of coffee before requiring burr replacements due to using cast steel. Making them both optimal choices for high-traffic coffee shops seeking durable machines.

The 98 mm burrs on the EK43 make it better for higher-traffic shops, since it’ll grind up to 21 grams a second. The 807 Lab Sweet will grind up to 9 grams a second with its 80 mm burrs [2].


The 807 Lab Sweet is better for coarse due to having lower revolutions at 50 Hz. The 1400 RPM makes it a slightly better choice for brewing methods that use coarse grounds. 60 Hz works better for brewing methods requiring finer grounds.

If your shop focuses on grinding for espresso and Turkish coffee, opt for the EK43. It uses more RPM.

Coffee cart owners will want the 807 Lab Sweet, since it weighs almost 20 pounds less than Mahlkönig’s grinder. Making it a lifesaver for your back when you’re lugging it in and out of your vehicle.

The higher capacity bean hopper also makes the EK43 a better contender for higher-traffic shops, since you’ll need to refill it less often. That could improve productivity during a rush.

Which One’s Better?

The Mahlkönig EK43 works better for high-traffic coffee shops that focus on espresso due to having larger burrs. The 807 Lab Sweet is a better choice for businesses that offer various drink options.

If you don’t mind the 50 RPM difference with 50 Hz, the EK43 is superior in every way.

3. Mahlkönig DK27 LVH vs. Ditting 1403 Industrial

mahlkonig dk27 in black

Mahlkönig DK27

ditting 1403 industrial

Ditting 1403 Industrial

DK27 LVH1403 Industrial
Burr ShapeFlatFlat
Material (Burr)Tungsten carbideSpecial steel
Diameter (Burr)98 mm140 mm
Hopper Capacity66 lbs22 lbs
Watts5500 W1700–2000 W
RPM for Burrs1740 RPM1400 RPM
Weight308 lbs83.77 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)37.4 × 20.5 × 63 in13 × 10.2 × 25.1 in

The Mahlkönig DK27 LVH is a superior choice for small-scale roasteries with ample space who want a durable grinder. The Ditting 1403 works better for roasteries who don’t have much space and need to save money.

The tungsten carbide burrs on the DK27 LVH will allow you to grind up to 500,000 pounds of coffee before requiring a replacement [3]. The special steel burrs on the 1403 Industrial grinds up to 33,069 pounds before requiring a replacement.

While triple the price, the burrs on the DK27 LVH will last almost 15 times longer than its competitor. Making it a better pick for businesses who don’t want to deal with frequent maintenance.

Mahlkönig’s grinder will grind up to 661 pounds an hour. The 1403 Industrial will grind up to 291 pounds an hour. The former will grind much quicker, though it has smaller burrs. It’ll also do a better job with grinding espresso beans.

Since it has a higher RPM.

If you like Mahlkönig’s industrial grinder, but don’t want to pay much, consider the DK15 LS. It’s $11,000 and will grind up to 265 pounds an hour. But it doesn’t have the tungsten carbide burrs.

It doesn’t sound better than the 1403 Industrial, but hear me out.

It uses tool steel, which will grind up to 60,000 pounds of coffee before requiring a replacement. That’s still more durable than the burrs on the Ditting grinder.

Which One’s Better?

Go for the DK27 LVH if you’re a busy wholesaler or roastery that needs to grind a lot of coffee quickly. Otherwise, opt for the 1403 Industrial.

4. Mahlkönig GH2 vs. Ditting 1203

mahlkonig gh2 black side 1

Mahlkönig GH2

ditting 1203

Ditting 1203

Burr ShapeFlatFlat
Material (Burr)SteelSpecial steel
Diameter (Burr)85 mm120 mm
Hopper Capacity4.4 lbs2.42 lbs
Watts750 W1100–1600 W
RPM for Burrs1400 RPM (50 Hz)1600 RPM (60 Hz)1400 RPM
Weight57 lbs83 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)17 × 7 × 26 in13 × 10.2 × 25.19

The Mahlkönig GH2 works better as a low-cost pick for medium- to high foot traffic coffee shops that want to use multiple brewing methods. The Ditting 1203 also works great for multiple brewing methods, but for shops who want a more durable machine that’ll grind quicker.

The Ditting 1203 is likely 4 times the price of the GH2 because it has much more durable burrs. Its special steel burrs will grind up to 25,000 pounds of coffee before requiring a replacement [4]. The GH2 can grind up to 2,000.

I’d recommend using the Ditting 1203 for retail stores, allowing customers to grind beans with durable burrs. So long as it’s not a high-traffic shop. Because they’ll do better with grinding 60 pounds daily.

The GH2 will work better for coffee shops due to being more affordable, using multiple hertz for various RPMs, and having a large hopper capacity. The 1400 RPM will allow this machine to do better for coarse grinds. And the 1600 for fine grinds.

And the GH2 weighs much less. Making it more suitable for coffee carts since you’ll need to move it frequently.

Which One’s Better?

The Mahlkönig GH2 is a better choice for coffee shops due to having a large hopper and burrs. The Ditting 1203 works better for retail grinding due to having massive burrs that’ll grind more than 20,000 pounds of beans.

That’s all for the comparisons. Now, check out each company’s history.

Each Company’s History

The following sections will explore Mahlkönig’s and Ditting’s company history. From there, you can determine whether each brand actually has experience in the coffee grinder manufacturing field.

Let’s dive in.

1. Mahlkönig History

On December 13th, 1924, the unknown founder of Mahlkönig registered the company as a word and trademark in Hamburg, Germany. In 1932, they patented documents for coffee grinders with electromagnetic motors.

This patent transformed the coffee grinder market by offering devices that generate less heat and operate quieter than traditional grinders with AC motors.

In 1970, Mahlkönig released the EK23 model, the predecessor to the EK43. And in 1990, they released the EK43. 15 years later (2005), Mahlkönig released its first on-demand model, the K30.

In 2008, Mahlkönig partnered with the retail grinder brand Ditting to form the HERMO group, which was already founded in 2000 as a purchasing and innovation cooperation.

There’s not too significant of a history. Let’s move on to Ditting’s legacy.

2. Ditting History

The unknown owners of Ditting founded it in 1928 in Zurich, Switzerland [5]. It started off as an engineering firm for the automotive industry. In 1954, they shifted gears and leapt into the coffee grinder sector.

Many folks worldwide began finding their grinders in roasteries and as retail grinders in grocery stores worldwide.

Come 1999, Ditting partnered with Mahlkönig to develop even better grinders. In 2008, they merged to form the HERMO group. A group that consists of the following brands [6]:

  • Anfim: Joined in 2013.
  • Ditting: Founding member.
  • Mahlkönig: Founding member.
  • Hey Cafe: Joined in 2018.

However, on HERMO group’s website, it said the organization was founded in the year 2000 as a Purchasing and Innovations cooperation.


Ditting coffee grinders work better for retail grinding due to supporting multiple grind settings and by having burrs that’ll grind thousands of pounds of coffee. Mahlkönig grinders are better for coffee shops since they’re more affordable, also have durable burrs, and will support specific grind types.

I didn’t talk about every Mahlkönig grinder. Here are many other models to consider when comparing them to what Ditting offers.

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