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What Espresso Machine Does Starbucks Use?

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Almost all Starbucks locations in the USA will use custom-made Mastrena super-automatic espresso machines. Starbucks Reserve Roasteries will use the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle. Keep reading to learn more about these devices.

I wondered what type of espresso machine that Starbucks locations use. I learned. And this guide will have my findings.

Here’s what I’ll talk about:

Keep reading and learn.

Key Takeaways

  • Most Starbucks locations use Mastrena machines.
  • These models cost an estimated $18,000 each and can serve up to 25,000 shots.
  • You can’t buy these machines anywhere—they’re custom-made.
  • Starbucks first used La Marzocco GS5 and GB5 models.
  • Their first Mastrena model was the Verismo 801 series.

What Espresso Machine Does Starbucks Use?

Most Starbucks locations use Mastrena espresso machines, and they’ve been doing so since 2008. These machines are super-automatic and custom-made by Thermoplan AG, a Swiss company. They are not available for public purchase.

Super-automatic means the espresso machine will do all the work for a barista. Including timing shots, applying pressure, and dealing with water temperatures. These devices remove the potential for human error. But don’t offer as much control over the taste.

Before the Mastrena, they used La Marzocco’s GS5 and GB5 models starting from the mid-90s [1].

Why use Masternas?

Because Mastrena customizes the machines to handle the masses that Starbucks baristas must serve daily. Most commercial espresso machines on the market probably couldn’t handle such large amounts of customers.

For example, the Mastenas will brew up to 25,000 espresso shots before requiring repairs or replacements.

Not all Starbucks locations use Mastrena machines. Let’s see what else they use.

Do All Starbucks Use Mastrena Machines?

Many Starbucks Reserve Roasteries worldwide use the Victoria Arduino (Nuova Simonelli) Black Eagle [2]. Otherwise, all other locations will use Mastrena devices.

Starbucks Machine History

Starbucks began in 1971 in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. It focused on selling fresh-roasted coffee beans, tea, and spices. The concept of Starbucks as a coffeehouse began to take shape in 1985 under Howard Schultz’s direction. 

In the 1990s, Starbucks used the Linea machine by La Marzocco, a semi-automatic espresso machine. Later, the Verismo 801 series became the mainstay of Starbucks’ espresso brewing.

Today, Starbucks uses customized Mastrena espresso machines.

FAQs for the Espresso Machine Starbucks Uses

Keep reading to find frequently asked questions about the espresso machine Starbucks uses.

How Much Do Mastrena Espresso Machines Cost?

The Mastrena machines they produce for Starbucks stores start at $4,000 and can cost more than $18,000 per machine—estimated costs [3].

Is It Possible to Buy the Same Espresso Machine Starbucks Uses?

It isn’t possible to use the same espresso machine Starbucks uses. Mastrena custom-makes these machines for Starbucks locations.


Almost all Starbucks locations will use custom-made machines by Mastrena. That’s because these machines are made to handle a lot of foot traffic without breaking down.

Do you want to make coffee at home or for your coffee shop? Check out our home and commercial espresso machine recommendations.

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