About Tim’s Coffee

Timscoffee.com is here to help you pick the right coffee machines for your circumstances.

We spend hours every week doing research and reading about coffee machines.

And before we make a recommendation, we always endeavor to buy the machines.

This is to put them through strict, hands-on testing to see how they deliver in the real world.

This includes testing the taste of the coffee it makes, the ease of use, the setup, and much more.

All to make sure you get the BEST on the market.

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More About Us

At Timscoffee.com, we believe that coffee is more than just a beverage – it’s a culture, a lifestyle, and a passion.

Thus we have comprised a team of coffee enthusiasts who share a deep love and respect for the craft of coffee making. We want every cup of coffee to be an experience that delights the senses and ignites the spirit.

Our mission here is to help you along your coffee journey, whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned coffee professional.

We’re here to help you explore the different types of coffee beans and machines, learn about new brewing methods, and discover delicious recipes that will take your coffee game to the next level.

We take pride in our team of coffee experts dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experiences with our readers. The content is carefully written to be informative, engaging, and fact-checked.

At Timscoffee.com, we’re more than just a blog – we’re a community of coffee lovers who share a common passion. So join us on our coffee journey!

About The Founder

Hey there, coffee lovers! My name is Tim Lee; I’m the founder of Tim’s Coffee. I’m a web publisher with a love for all things coffee.

As I have traveled the world, I’ve had the pleasure of testing some of the unique variety of coffee drinks out there.

This has led coffee to become more than just a drink for me – it’s an experience that takes me back to all those places!

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As a web publisher, I’ve spent years producing engrossing and informative content that captures readers’ attention.

And with this blog, I get to merge my love for coffee with my expertise in web publishing.

I hope that this blog will help you discover new ways to enjoy your favorite drink.

Coffee uniquely brings people together, and I want to share that experience with all of you.

I believe that a great cup of coffee is more than just a beverage – it’s a moment to be savored and remembered.

Tim’s Coffee New Member – Yurii Brown

yurii brown about us

Yurii Brown is a certified barista and founder of Coffee Geek Lab.

His coffee journey began at home, leading to a deep passion for the craft.

This love sparked the creation of Coffee Geek Lab, a haven for coffee enthusiasts.

After earning a Barista Hustle certification, his appreciation for coffee only intensified.

Following the acquisition of Coffee Geek Lab by Timscoffee.com, Yurii joined the Tim’s Coffee team.

His goal remains the same – to educate and inspire coffee lovers. Yurii will continue to share brewing guides, equipment reviews, and unique techniques.

His dedication and expertise make him a valuable asset to our team. Welcome to the exciting new chapter, Yurii!

What To Do Now?

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