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Mahlkönig vs. Eureka Coffee Grinders Compared

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This guide will compare home and business grinders from the brands Mahlkönig and Eureka. Keep reading to learn more.

I want to find a good grinder for home and business use. That led me to create this guide comparing various grinders from a couple of noteworthy brands.

I’ll compare grinders in different categories (home and business). By the time you’re done reading, you should better understand the popular models both brands offer and whether they’re worth the cost.

Here is an overview:

Let’s get to it.

Key Takeaways

  • Eureka has more affordable grinders.
  • Mahlkönig uses higher-quality materials on burrs.
  • Eureka doesn’t have industrial grinders; Mahlkönig does.
  • Eureka commercial grinders work better for businesses starting off and on a budget.

Home Mahlkönig vs. Eureka Grinders

I’ll compare the specs, features, and other design choices for various Mahlkönig and Eureka grinders for home use. Afterward, I’ll explain who each is best for and whether there’s an overall winner.

Here are the grinders I’ll compare:

  • Mahlkönig X54: Most affordable
  • Eureka Mignon Brew Pro: Balances affordability and quality
  • Mahlkönig K30 Vario: Best for multiple brewing methods
  • Eureka Oro Mignon XL: Best for grinding espresso and Turkish coffee

I may mix in grinders with prosumer features in this section. “Prosumer” means that a device will have features commonly used in commercial machines. Such design choices mean they’ll produce coffee similar to what you’d find in a coffee shop.

Here we go.

Currently, we do not offer Eureka grinders in our inventory, and therefore, no links for these products are provided. However, we remain committed to unbiased and fair representation of all products.

1. Mahlkönig X54 vs. Eureka Mignon Brew Pro

mahlkonig x54 black

Mahlkönig X54

eureka mignon brew pro

Eureka Mignon Brew Pro

X54Mignon Brew Pro
Burr ShapeFlatFlat
Material (Burr)Special steelSteel
Diameter (Burr)54 mm55 mm
Hopper Capacity17.6 oz10.58 oz
Watts120 W260 W
RPM for Burrs1050 RPM1350 RPM
Weight17.6 lbs12.34 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)11.02 × 7.48 × 13.39 in7.08 × 4.72 × 13 in

The Mahlkönig X54 is a better grinder for brewing multiple brewing methods. The Mignon Brew Pro works better for households that want to grind for espresso and maybe Turkish coffee.

The Mahlkönig X54 has lower revolutions per minute (RPM). The lower revolutions will result in less even coffee grounds, making it better for brewing methods that require coarse coffee grounds. For instance, filter or cold brew coffee.

The Mignon Brew Pro has higher RPMs and can’t switch between 50 Hz and 60 Hz like many Mahlkönig machines can. Making it ideal for brewing espresso, since it requires finer grounds, which suit machines with higher RPMs.

You could try to grind for Turkish coffee but don’t expect stellar results. You’d need more than 2,000 RPM for optimal Turkish coffee grinds. The Mignon Brew Pro is still up to grinding for Turkish coffee.

The Mignon Brew Pro will also work better on narrow countertops due to its smaller width.

Otherwise, I’d recommend the X54. The special steel burrs give this machine an enormous edge over the Mignon Brew Pro due to having hardened steel. That feature allows this burr to last longer and improves its heat resistance.

Improved heat resistance means you’re less likely to burn your beans when using your machine. What I mean by this is that grinders’ burrs often heat up and may burn your beans. Resulting in a more bitter drink.

Mahlkönig’s machine is also cheaper by around $80.

Which One’s Better?

The Mahlkönig X54 is a better grinder if you want to save money and grind for multiple brew methods. The Mignon Brew Pro is a better choice for espresso and Turkish coffee enjoyers.

2. Mahlkönig Vario vs. Eureka Oro Mignon XL

mahlkonig vario

Mahlkönig Vario

eureka oro mignon

Eureka Oro Mignon XL

K30 VarioOro Mignon XL
Burr ShapeFlatFlat
Material (Burr)Special steelSteel
Diameter (Burr)65 mm65 mm
Hopper Capacity52.8 oz10.6 oz
Watts470 W320 W
RPM for Burrs1000 RPM1650 RPM
Weight9.2 lbs15.9 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)5.11 × 7 × 14.5 in7.1 × 4.7 × 15 in

The Mahlkönig K30 Vario works better for homes that want to grind for different brewing methods (e.g., filter coffee). The Eureka Oro Mignon XL works better for anyone at home wanting to grind for espresso and Turkish coffee.

The K30 Vario isn’t available anymore. It’s discontinued. However, it’s an option for folks to consider if a second-hand model is available. And if you can find an old one, you likely won’t pay the price mentioned in the table.

Price aside…

The K30 Vario is an excellent choice for various brewing methods due to having a low RPM. It’ll grind slower, resulting in more uneven coffee grounds. Great for cold brew, French press, and black coffee.

Otherwise, the Oro Mignon XL is a no-brainer. The higher RPM is much better for espresso and Turkish coffee. The faster it grinds, the more fine grounds you’ll have mixed with your grind.

The reason this machine’s so expensive is because of the use of special steel burrs. This type of steel burr is made from high-hardness alloys, which translates to improved durability. It’ll also resist wear much better than regular steel and have a longer life.

This material will also have a sharp blade for a longer time. Allowing it to deliver consistent grind quality over time continually. It’ll also prevent the production of inconsistent particle sizes and dust.

The K30 Vario is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award [1]. That means this grinder, according to Red Dot, uses innovative features or materials, is user-friendly, and is from a reputable brand.

That’s why the K30 Vario is priced much higher. I’d consider this grinder more on the prosumer side than regular barista side.

Which One’s Better?

The Eureka Mignon XL is a better grinder for most home baristas who aren’t looking for a prosumer grinder. So long as you primarily grind for espresso and Turkish coffee. The K30 Vario, otherwise, works better for multiple brewing methods and longevity.

Commercial/High Volume Mahlkönig vs. Eureka Grinders

I’ll compare the specifications, features, and design choices of the following business coffee grinders:

  • Mahlkönig E65S: Best for grinding espresso in small coffee shops
  • Eureka Helios 65: Best for multiple brewing methods
  • Mahlkönig EK43: Best for espresso and Turkish coffee
  • Eureka Zenith E HS: Best for medium-sized coffee shops on a budget
  • Mahlkönig E80S GBW: Most precise grinds
  • Eureka Drogheria MCD4 85: Best budget pick for multiple brewing methods
  • Mahlkönig E65S GBW: Best precise grinder for smaller shops
  • Eureka Atom 65: Most affordable

You’ll also learn which grinder’s better for various types of coffee shops. And you’ll learn whether there’s a “best overall” in each pair I compare.

Here we go.

1. Mahlkönig E65S vs. Eureka Helios 65


Mahlkönig E65S

eureka helios 65

Eureka Helios 65

E65SHelios 65
Burr ShapeFlatFlat
Material (Burr)Special steelSteel
Diameter (Burr)65 mm65 mm
Hopper Capacity2.6 lbs2.5 lbs
Watts580 W570 W
RPM for Burrs1700 RPM1380 RPM
Weight24.7 lbs26.5 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)7.68 × 22.95 × 11.14 in9.84 × 8.66 × 23.6 in

The Mahlkönig E65 works better for smaller-scale coffee shops primarily focusing on espresso-based drinks. The Eureka Helios 65 works better for smaller-scale shops with various drink options.

The higher RPM in the E65S makes it a much better option for grinding espresso and Turkish coffee. These brewing methods require finer grinds, delivering higher revolutions per minute.

If you’re on a budget and want to shoot for multiple brewing methods, go for the Helios 65.

Why is Mahlkönig’s grinder much more expensive? Is it because of brand name alone? Nope. Part of the reason it’s pricier is because of the use of special steel burrs. Here’s an explanation in case you didn’t read earlier.

It uses special steel, which is more durable than regular steel and will remain sharper for longer.

This makes it a better option for coffee shops of all sizes since it’ll better resist wear over time of constant use. It’ll also better maintain consistency among grinds, which is vital for a coffee house.

Otherwise, both machines share similar features and design choices. They weigh almost the same, have practically identical hopper sizes, and have the same size burrs.

Speaking of. These burrs aren’t that big. I’d use them for prosumer home use or for smaller coffee shops. That’s because smaller burrs won’t grind as quickly or resist heat as well as larger ones. Both are critical factors, considering you’d need to use the grinder consistently.

Which One’s Better?

The Mahlkönig E65S, while priced higher, will last longer than the Helios 65 due to its special steel burrs. It’ll also work much better for grinding espresso and Turkish coffee due to higher RPMs.

The Helios 65 is better for anyone on a budget who wants to focus on various brewing methods.

2. Mahlkönig EK43 vs. Eureka Zenith Olympus 75 E HS

mahlkonig ek43 coffee grinder black

Mahlkönig EK43

eureka zenith e hs

Eureka Zenith Olympus 75 E HS

EK43Olympus 75 E HS
Burr ShapeFlatFlat
Material (Burr)Cast steelSteel
Diameter (Burr)98 mm75 mm
Hopper Capacity3.3 lbs3 lbs
Watts1300 W350 W
RPM for Burrs1760 RPM1400 RPM
Weight57.3 lbs26.4 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)9.06 × 32.6 × 16.1 in10 × 9 × 25 in

The Mahlkönig EK43 is an excellent choice for busy coffee shops that primarily serve espresso-based drinks or Turkish coffee. The Eureka Olympus 75 E HS works better for small shops or coffee carts on a budget.

It’s unfair to pit the 2 machines against one another due to the vast difference in burr size and burr materials. However, I’m comparing Eureka’s highest-end business machine against Mahlkönig’s.

And things aren’t entirely as they appear.

Consider either of these machines if you’re a small or medium-sized shop. The EK43 is the obvious winner for larger shops due to having larger burrs, which will grind quicker. But the Olympus 75 E HS has several amazing optional upgrades you could get, like:

  • Titanium burrs: The most durable burrs.
  • Glass bean hopper: Will keep beans fresher due to having no plastic absorbing odors.
    • Glass may also reduce oxygen exposure to beans due to potentially being more airtight.
  • Blow up system: A hopper that’ll blast air through your grinder to eliminate residue.

The higher RPM on the EK43 makes it a much better option for grinding for espresso and Turkish coffee due to producing more fine grounds. The Olympus 75 E HS will do better with more coarse grinds.

Mahlkönig’s grinder costs much more than Eureka’s due to having cast steel burrs. These are more durable than special and regular steel. Allowing it to resist wear better and stay sharper for longer.

Potentially saving you money in the long run.

The EK43’s cast steel burr will grind up to 14,300 pounds of coffee before requiring a replacement [2]. Compare that to a regular steel burr, which will grind up to 600 pounds [3].

Which One’s Better?

The Mahlkönig EK43 is the obvious choice for high-traffic coffee houses or any other sized shop who wants long-lasting burrs. The Eureka Olympus 75 E HS is a better budget pick for smaller shops.

3. Mahlkönig E80 GBW vs. Eureka Drogheria MCD4 85

mahlkonig e80 gbw black

Mahlkönig E80S GBW

eureka drogheria mcd4 85

Eureka Drogheria MCD4

E80S GBWDrogheria MCD4 85
Burr ShapeFlatFlat
Material (Burr)Special steelSteel
Diameter (Burr)80 mm85 mm
Hopper Capacity3.97 lbs2.2 lbs
Watts845 W670 W
RPM for Burrs1700 RPM1430 RPM
Weight39.68 lbs35 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)9.45 × 24.8 × 13.39 in10.5 × 7 × 25.5 in

The E80S GBW works best for coffee shops focusing on espresso-based drinks who want the most precise grinds possible. The Drogheria works better for anyone on a budget who needs to grind a lot of coffee for multiple brewing methods.

There’s a huge price difference between these models, but most of Eureka’s models are under $1,000. However, both grinders have similar-sized burr sizes, which makes them optimal for high-traffic cafés and coffee shops.

Hence, why I compared them.

One contributing factor to Mahlkönig’s higher price is the use of special steel burrs. The 80 mm special steel burrs on the E80S GBW will grind up to 3,000 pounds before requiring a replacement. Regular steel burrs have more than 3 times shorter lifespan.

The longer your burrs last, the less you’ll need to replace them. And the longer you have consistent-tasting drinks, the better. It also prevents you from potentially needing to hire maintenance—if you’re not savvy with replacing burrs.

The E80S is also a grind by weight (GBW) grinder. These grinders are more accurate than timed grinders (e.g., MCD4 85) and will result in better-tasting drinks. If you own a Third Wave coffee shop (high-end shop), this type of grinder must provide an optimal experience.

And the E80S GBW also has a 1-pound larger hopper. Requiring fewer replacements throughout the day. Helpful during a rush when you don’t want to refill your grinder as often.

Mahlkönig’s grinder has a higher RPM, which makes it better for Turkish coffee and espresso brewing methods. Eureka’s grinder does better for other brewing methods like nel drip due to having fewer fines in the grind.

These comparisons seem ridiculous, but Mahlkönig just offers superior machines for businesses. Eureka’s business models work better for smaller shops on a budget who are starting out.

Which One’s Better?

Though pricier, the E80S GBW is a superior grinder due to grinding by weight and having special steel burrs. The Drogheria MCD4 85 is a better option for higher-traffic shops who are on a budget.

4. Mahlkönig E65 GBW vs. Eureka Atom 65

mahlkonig e65s gbw black

Mahlkönig E65 GBW

eureka atom 65

Eureka Atom 65

E65 GBWAtom 65
Burr ShapeFlatFlat
Material (Burr)Special steelSteel
Diameter (Burr)65 mm65 mm
Hopper Capacity2.6 lbs300 g
Watts580 W510 W
RPM for Burrs1700 RPM1310 RPM
Weight26.9 lbs21 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)7.7 × 24.4 × 11.1 in8.94 × 8.07 × 17.12 in

The Mahlkönig E65S GBW is a fantastic grinder for small- or medium-sized shops who want precise measurements when grinding their beans. The Eureka Atom works better for multiple brewing methods and anyone on a budget.

Again, the price differences are enormous. However, both grinders have the same burr diameter. The reason I compared them.

Why is the E65S GBW so expensive? Partially because of the “GBW.” GBW means grind by weight, which means your machine will grind until it dispenses the weight you set. These produce more consistent grinds than timed dose machines—like the Atom 65.

It also uses special steel burrs, which are much more durable and sharper than regular steel burrs. Sharper burrs usually mean the machine will result in more consistent grinds, which makes it optimal for grinding espresso.

And since it has a higher RPM, the E65S GBW will do a much better job at grinding fine beans than the Atom 65. Eureka’s grinder will work better for coarser grinds for drinks like cold brew or drip coffee.

If you’re intrigued by the “grind by weight” concept, but need a machine to support more foot traffic, you’ll want the E80S GBW. I covered it earlier. It has way bigger burrs than the E65S GBW, which means it’ll grind quicker and will generate a little less heat.

Honestly, you’ll want to use the Atom 65 as an at-home prosumer grinder. The hopper is too small for most businesses. However, the high-quality design and quiet operation make it great for small cafés and coffee shops.

You’ll pay half the price of the E65S GBW while having a grinder that works for multiple brewing methods. And once your business takes off, you could upgrade to the E65S GBW.

Which One’s Better?

The E65S GBW is the superior choice for any small- or medium-sized business that wants precise espresso or Turkish coffee grinds. The Atom 65 is a great at-home prosumer model, or an excellent budget pick for small coffee shops.

That’s all for the machine comparisons. Now, check out each company’s history.

Each Company’s History

The following sections will compare each coffee grinder manufacturer’s company history. These sections may prove important if you care about the brand you’re buying from having hands-on experience with grinders.

1. Mahlkönig History

Here’s a timeline of Mahlkönig’s legacy:

  • 1924: Hamburg birthed Mahlkönig, officially registering the name and brand on December 13th.
  • 1932: Mahlkönig patented coffee grinders powered by revolutionary electromagnetic motors, quieter and cooler than their AC counterparts.
  • 1970: Mahlkönig paved the way for their iconic EK43 with the release of the EK23 model, laying the groundwork for future grinding excellence.
  • 1990: The legendary EK43 arrived, becoming a mainstay for serious coffee enthusiasts and baristas alike.
  • 2005: Mahlkönig embraced the “grind-on-demand” trend with the introduction of the K30.
  • 2008: Mahlkönig joined forces with Ditting, forming the HERMO group, solidifying their commitment to innovation and collaboration within the coffee industry.

Now for Eureka’s history.

2. Eureka History

A lad by the name of Aurelio Conti founded Eureka in Florence, Italy during the year 1920 [4]. It started manufacturing espresso grinders. And a hundred years later, it continues to make them.

And that’s all the information scouring the internet gave me.

That’s all. Thanks for reading.


Eureka produces more affordable coffee grinders for home and business use. However, Mahlkönig offers much higher-quality machines due to using special and cast steel burrs. The latter brand also works better for higher-traffic coffee shops due to using larger burrs.

I didn’t compare every Mahlkönig grinder available. Check out our selection of grinders from this brand and see whether they’re better than Eureka.

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