Every Type of Espresso Machine Boiler Compared

Dual boiler espresso machines are best for businesses or serving large groups of people at home, but they cost a lot. Heat exchangers cost less, but can’t withstand constant use in a commercial setting. Single boilers will save you the most money but work well for making a drink or 2 daily.

How Many Bars of Pressure is Good for Espresso?

9 bars of pressure is best for brewing espresso. Though, many also consider 7–11 bars good as well. That’s only for home and commercial espresso machines. Keep reading to find how many bars of pressure other types of espresso machines use.

How Long Does a Commercial Espresso Machine Last

Most semi-automatic commercial espresso machines can last up to 20 years with proper care. However, they will likely last up to 10 years. Keep reading to learn how to take care of your commercial machine and signs of when it is nearing the end of its life.

How Many Espresso Group Heads Do You Need?

Most businesses need 2 group heads to accommodate foot traffic of fewer than 300 people. Anyone serving 300–500 cups daily will need 3. And those who serve more than 600 people will need 4. There’s more to choosing a machine than the number of group heads. Keep reading to learn more.

How To Descale A Coffee Maker – Works For All Coffee Makers

Run a descaling solution through your machine’s self-cleaning or regular brewing cycle. Afterward, you’ll let it sit for 30 minutes. Finally, flush out the cleaning solution. There’s a lot more to descaling than what I mentioned. Keep reading to learn more.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Coffee Maker

This is an overview of what to consider when shopping for a coffee maker for home and business use. A couple of factors to consider include machine size and features the machine has. Keep reading to find more criteria to build a checklist with.

How to Clean & Maintain Your Espresso Machine The Ultimate Guide

Clean your espresso machine by rinsing the individual components and wiping down the device with a soft towel. To maintain your machine, descale it every 6 to 12 months or when your coffee tastes funny. Keep reading to learn more about cleaning your coffee machine.

Coffee Beans Certifications: The Ultimate Guide 

We can use coffee certifications to determine how well-sourced different coffees are. This is really important for the environment, for the human rights of the workers who produce the coffee and for our own health amongst other things.