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Flow Control Espresso Machines – The Ultimate Guide

Flow control works by enabling the barista to adjust the flow rate and pressure at various stages of brewing. It’s beneficial for home baristas who enjoy experimenting with their brew to achieve a better flavor. Keep reading to learn whether it’s worth getting.

What Espresso Machine Does Starbucks Use?

Almost all Starbucks locations in the USA will use custom-made Mastrena super-automatic espresso machines. Starbucks Reserve Roasteries will use the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle. Keep reading to learn more about these devices.

Espresso Grinder vs. Coffee Grinder: Which Do I Need?

Coffee grinders describe any device that grinds coffee beans. However, they don’t have as many settings as espresso grinders, which have stepless settings. Because of this, coffee grinders aren’t ideal for super fine grinds. Keep reading to find more differences.

Why Do Espresso Machines Have 2 Spouts?

Portafilters on espresso machines have 2 spouts so they can brew 2 espresso shots simultaneously. Having 2 spouts doesn’t affect your espresso’s taste or crema compared to a single spout. Keep reading to find more differences.

How to Clean a Mahlkönig Coffee & Espresso Grinder

You’ll need a flat head screwdriver, damp cloth, vacuum, grinder cleaner, and soft bristle brush to clean your Mahlkönig grinder. Afterward, you’ll need to remove your grinder’s components to reach the inner burrs in your machine. Keep reading to learn how.

Coffee Grinder Static: Causes & Solutions

Coffee grinder static is when 1–2% of your coffee’s weight will stick to your grinder as a result of static electricity buildup. One way to reduce static on your grinder includes spritzing your beans with a fine mist prior to grinding. Keep reading to learn more.

Nespresso vs. Keurig: Which Is Best For You in 2024?

Any beverage produced by Nespresso machines generally tastes better than anything made with Keurig machines. However, these machines cost more, and the pods aren’t as easy to recycle. Keep reading to learn which brand offers better machines.