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How to Clean a Mahlkönig Coffee & Espresso Grinder

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You’ll need a flat head screwdriver, damp cloth, vacuum, grinder cleaner, and soft bristle brush to clean your Mahlkönig grinder. Afterward, you’ll need to remove your grinder’s components to reach the inner burrs in your machine. Keep reading to learn how.

As a coffee enthusiast, I clean my grinder often to ensure the best-tasting coffee. That inspired me to put together this guide on how to clean grinders from a popular brand (Mahlkönig).

Here’s what you’ll find in this guide:

Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

Key Takeaways

  • It should take you 15–30 minutes to clean your grinder.
  • Clean your grinder weekly or biweekly as a home user.
  • Clean the grinder daily if you’re a business owner.
  • Clean the grinder if switching bean type/blend, if it has decreased performance, a change in coffee taste, or unusual noises.
  • You’ll need a vacuum, brush, flat head screwdriver, grinder cleaner, and a damp cloth.
  • Remove components to access your grinder’s insides; the parts removed will vary by grinder.

How to Clean a Mahlkönig Grinder

This section will tell you how to clean most Mahlkönig grinder models. I’ll follow up with additional sections that’ll explain how to clean other models if there are differences in the way to clean them.

Time required: 15–30 minutes

What you’ll need:

  • Vacuum cleaner or air blowing tool (not compressed air)
  • Soft bristle brush: Toothbrush, paint brush, makeup brush, or burr cleaning brush
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Paper towel
  • Damp microfiber cloth: Avoid regular cloths to prevent lint from getting in or on your grinder
  • Grinder cleaner: I recommend Urnex Grindz grinder cleaning tablets

Steps to clean Mahlkönig grinder:

  1. Grind any leftover coffee in the chamber.
  2. Turn off and unplug the grinder.
  3. Unscrew and remove the hopper.
    1. Transfer existing beans inside the hopper to a separate bag.
  4. Add a hopper again if you use grinder cleaning tablets.
  5. Add 35–40 grams of grinder cleaning tablets to the hopper and run a grinding cycle.
    1. Unscrew and remove the hopper again.
  6. Use a flat head screwdriver to unscrew the top plate.
    1. Press pins inside the top plate to unlock it.
    2. Remove the top plate and set aside.
  7. Vacuum and brush internal plate to remove coffee dust.
  8. Remove declumper and clean with damp cloth.
    1. Dry well before reinstalling it.
  9. Return parts to the grinder
    1. Place the top plate to the grinder and screw it into place.
    2. Return hopper to the grinder.

From there, you’ll want to remove the grinder dispenser outlet and clean it with a damp cloth. Once you’re finished cleaning, ensure you dry it thoroughly. Otherwise, you risk moisture damaging your coffee grounds later.

1. How to Clean a Mahlkönig k30 Grinder

You’ll need the same items as for cleaning any other Mahlkönig grinder. Except for a hex key. However, there are some different steps you’ll need to follow when cleaning the Mahlkönig K30.

Here are the steps:

  1. Close the hopper cut-off slide to prevent beans from leaking when removing the hopper.
  2. Loosen the screw below the hopper to unlock the hopper, then remove the hopper.
    1. Empty the beans inside the hopper into a separate bag.
  3. Vacuum remaining beans in the chamber.
  4. Remove the top plate
    1. Use a flat head screwdriver to undo the screws on the side of the top plate.
    2. Rotate the top plate counter-clockwise to remove it.
    3. Use a hex key inside the neck of the top plate.
    4. Lift off the top plate.
  5. Remove top grinder plate
    1. Use a flat head screwdriver to undo all screws on the brass plate.
    2. Lift out the top grinder plate.
  6. Vacuum and brush the grinding disk.
  7. Clear any debris from the exit spout: Use a sharp, pointed object if needed.
  8. Return all parts to your grinder.
    1. Ensure you properly align the top grinder plate when returning it.
    2. When returning the hopper, don’t forget to undo the cut-off slide.

Those were all the differences with cleaning the K30. Let’s move onto the next grinder.

2. How to Clean a Mahlkönig Guatemala Grinder

There’s nothing different that you’ll need to clean the Guatemala. Just follow these steps:

  1. Remove grinder housing:
    1. Set the grinder to the coarsest setting.
    2. Use a flat head screwdriver to undo screws around the grinder housing cover.
    3. Remove the cover.
  2. Clean the inside of the cover:
    1. Remove the adapter housing plate.
    2. Unscrew adjustment cap with flat head screwdriver.
    3. Twist adjustment spindle counterclockwise to remove it.
    4. Push out ball bearing and ball bearing seat.
    5. Wipe down all surfaces with a dry cloth.
    6. Lubricate all components.
  3. Cleaning the grinding chamber:
    1. Remove the prebreaker
    2. Remove any residue using a brush or cloth.
    3. Vacuum inside your machine.
    4. Lubricate rotary parts if needed.
  4. Reinstall all parts to your grinder.

This tutorial is a bit more complex. If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a video from Mahlkönig:

If you’re using the industrial Mahlkönig models, here’s a section dedicated to you.

3. How to Clean a Mahlkönig DK27 Industrial Grinder

Follow these steps to clean the Mahlkönig DK27 industrial grinder [1]:

  1. Twist the rotary knob to “coarse.”
  2. Unscrew the screws on the grinder case cover and remove the cover.
  3. Remove the pre-crusher from the motor shaft.
  4. Use a clean brush to clean debris and remove other objects and debris from the grinding mechanism.
  5. Lubricate the shaft with non-corrosive grease.
  6. Re-insert parts.

If you need a visual on how to clean this grinder, follow the link I placed before the list of steps. The manual in this link has a picture of the order to remove parts.

No matter the type of grinder used, you’ll need to clean your device’s surface. Keep reading to learn how.

How to Clean the Exterior of Your Mahlkönig Grinder

Gently wipe the surface of your grinder with a sponge or damp cloth coated with mild dish soap to remove dirt and stains. Don’t use any other type of dish soap because the chemicals in them may damage your grinder’s finish.

Once you’re finished cleaning, dry your grinder’s exterior with a microfiber cloth.

You’ll also need to deep clean your grinder’s hopper.

How to Clean a Mahlkönig Grinder Hopper

First, remove your grinder’s hopper and empty the beans into a separate bag. Then apply mild dish soap to a damp cloth and clean off the residue or coffee oils from the inside and outside your hopper.

If you’re also cleaning the grounds bin, follow the same steps in the previous paragraph.

You might wonder how often you should clean your grinder. I have the answer.

How Often Should I Clean a Mahlkönig Grinder?

Clean your Mahlkönig grinder daily if using it for a business—the size of business doesn’t matter. Home users should clean it once a week (or biweekly) or when switching to a different type of coffee bean.

You should clean your machine when switching coffee beans to avoid cross contaminating bean flavors. Or if you notice one of the following issues:

  • Change of taste with beans.
  • Unusual vibrations or noises with your grinder.
  • Decreased performance.

Why should you clean your grinder at all? There’s a good reason.

Mahlkönig Grinder Cleaning Tips

Here’s what you shouldn’t do when cleaning your Mahlkönig grinder [2]:

  • Use rice: It could damage your burrs.
  • Use water: Could lead to burr rusting.
  • Use abrasive cleaners: Will damage your grinder’s coating.
  • Use an air compressor: Potentially frosty air could blow out and damage the grinder.
  • Place bean hopper into the dishwasher: Could cause discoloration.

And here are some tips and tidbits to know when cleaning your grinder:

  • You can use grinder cleaning tablets on all Mahlkönig models.
  • If you accidentally get your burrs wet, unplug your machine and let them dry before using it.
  • You’ll likely need to calibrate your grinder again after cleaning it. Follow your manufacturer’s manual to do so.
  • You’ll need to realign your burrs if you notice inconsistent grind particle sizes; refer to your manual.
  • If you notice issues with your grinder after cleaning it, contact Mahlkönig’s customer service

Don’t skip cleaning your grinder. Otherwise, you might damage your grinder. Let me explain.

Why Should I Keep My Mahlkönig Grinder Clean?

Residue buildup can muddle flavors and disrupt grind consistency, leaving you with disappointing brews. Regular cleaning ensures crisp, nuanced flavors in every cup thanks to precise, even grinds.

But it’s not just about taste. Cleaning extends your grinder’s lifespan by preventing wear and tear. Less residue means no rust or blockages, keeping your Mahlkönig purring smoothly for years to come. Plus, regular care makes deep cleaning sessions a breeze, saving you time and effort.

I mentioned that you should use grinder cleaning tablets. While it adds more costs to maintenance, they’re worth getting. Here’s why.

Why You Should Use Grinder Cleaning Tablets

Here’s why you should use grinder cleaning tablets whenever cleaning your Mahlkönig grinder:

  • No disassembling required: Clean your grinder without taking it apart.
    • Also eliminates the need for recalibration.
  • They’re food safe: Don’t need to worry about chemicals leaching into coffee.
  • Thorough cleaning: Removes oils and coffee residue from coffee grinders.
  • Prevents flavor transfer: Ensures you won’t mix flavors from different coffee beans and blends.

Coffee grinder cleaning tablets are formulated agents designed to effectively remove coffee residue and oils from grinder burrs and internal components. They contain non-toxic, food-safe ingredients that break down oils and dissolve residue upon grinding.

You’d use these whenever you clean your grinder. Businesses would use them daily. While folks at home would use them weekly or biweekly.

That’s all there is to cleaning Mahlkönig grinders. Thanks for reading.


Most Mahlkönig grinders will require the same steps to clean. You remove the top plate, then vacuum and brush clean the insides. Afterward, you’ll want to clean the hopper and components. Do this weekly or biweekly as a home user, and daily if you’re a business.

Do you need more general information on how to clean coffee grinders? Check out our in-depth guide.

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