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Fiorenzato vs. Mahlkönig – Comparing Coffee Grinders

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This guide will compare the differences between popular grinders that the brands Mahlkönig and Fiorenzato offer. Keep reading to learn more.

As an espresso enthusiast, I want the best coffee grinder possible. That led me to compare offerings from 2 major brands.

I will contrast the similarities and disparities in popular grinder offerings from Fiorenzato and Mahlkönig. For example, I’ll evaluate grinders with similar prices, ideal for home use.

Here is an overview:

Let’s get this party started.

Key Takeaways

  • Mahlkönig machines work better for commercial use.
  • Fiorenzato devices are much easier to clean.
  • Fiorenzato machines often produce finer grounds with fewer clumps.
  • Mahlkönig are much larger than their competitor.

Home Fiorenzato vs. Mahlkönig Grinders

This section will cover the following grinders:

First, you’ll discover the specifications of each device. Next, I’ll highlight their differences. Then, I’ll determine the best fit for each user.

Home coffee bean grinders represent the budget-friendly range of products offered by manufacturers. They are suitable for grinding small quantities of beans, typically up to 2 cups of coffee. These grinders may lack the consistency found in professional machines.

Here’s the first comparison.

1. Fiorenzato All Ground vs. Mahlkönig GH-1 Grind

fiorenzato all ground 1

Fiorenzato All Ground

mahlkonig gh 1 grind

Mahlkönig GH-1 Grind

All GroundGH-1
Burr TypeFlatFlat
Burr MaterialTitaniumSteel
Hopper Capacity5 lbs4.4 lbs
Watts250 watt750 watt
RPM for Burrs1600/min1600 rpm
Weight20 lbs57 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)6.6 × 9.4 × 17.4 in17 × 7 × 26 in

Get the GH-1 if you’re running a coffee shop of any size and need to constantly grind beans daily. Opt for the Fiorenzato All Ground if you frequently grind 1 type of coffee bean at home.

That’s because the All Ground can have more than 2 grounds of coffee bean retention. A factor that could make mixing it with other coffee beans taste pretty bad.

The GH-1 costs much less than the All Ground and has a more robust motor, but it’s a lot more of a pain to keep in your kitchen. There’s no way you’ll fit Mahlkönig’s grinder under any wall cabinet with a height of 26 inches.

And if you needed to move it, good luck. You’ll need to be as strong as Terry Crews to be able to move it.

That’s because this grinder works better for commercial use. It’s meant to sit on café or coffee shop counters.

It is nice that the GH-1 has numbered dials instead of dots on a collar like the All Ground has, which makes finding the right grind better.

If you compare these for home use, the GH-1 lacks any aesthetic appeal. It looks like a large black block. Whereas the All Ground has a pleasant mixture of modern and traditional aesthetics.

Which One’s Better?

The GH-1 works better in a commercial setting since it can grind more beans at once and has easy-to-understand grind settings. Whereas, the All Ground excels as a coffee grinder at home.

Let’s move on to the next pair.

2. Fiorenzato F4 Filter vs. Mahlkönig X54

fiorenzato f4 filter grinder

Fiorenzato F4 Filter

mahlkonig x54 black

Mahlkönig X54

F4 FilterX54
Burr TypeFlatFlat
Burr MaterialSteelSteel
Hopper Capacity250 g500 g
Watts250 watt120 watt
RPM for Burrs1350/min (50 Hz)
1550/min (60 Hz)
Weight24 lbs17.6 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)6.65 × 18.6 × 9.44 in11.02 × 7.48 × 13.39 in

Get the F4 Filter if you want a machine that’s easier to clean and will have a stronger motor. Opt for the X54 if you want a more aesthetically pleasing device that weighs less and is easier to move.

Both devices retain a lot of grounds and require you to use a bellow before every use. Otherwise, you risk mixing stale beans with your fresh ones.

The X54 has a lot of static compared to the F4 Filter, which means you’ll have much more cleanup. Speaking of. The Mahlkönig X54 requires you to have tools to disassemble the machine to clean the grind system.

The Fiorenzato doesn’t require any tools. You press a pin, remove the collar, and remove the upper burr. Then dive into cleaning.

With that said, the X54 may have more durability over time since it’s not as easy to take apart. But that depends on how you treat your machine.

And the F4 Filter has much bigger burrs (64 mm) than the 54 mm ones that Mahlkönig presents. The bigger burrs will allow your machine to grind a higher volume of coffee quicker.

Which One’s Better?

The F4 Filter is much cheaper, has a more powerful motor, and is much easier to clean than the X54. Making it an ideal choice for most home baristas.

Are these machines not high-enough quality for you? Let’s explore some prosumer devices.

Prosumer/Semi-Professional Fiorenzato vs. Mahlkönig grinders

Here’s what we’ll compare throughout the following sections:

  • Fiorenzato F64 e
  • Mahlkönig GH2

I’ll begin by evaluating machines with similar prices, highlighting their specs, and distinguishing their unique attributes. Then, I’ll identify the most suitable user for each device.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “prosumer,” consider it as high-quality, durable equipment designed for home use. Offering the longevity of commercial devices without the bulk typically associated with business-oriented machines.

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Fiorenzato F64 EVO vs. Mahlkönig GH2

fiorenzato evo pro

Fiorenzato F64 EVO

mahlkonig gh2 black side 1

Mahlkönig GH2

Burr TypeFlatFlat
Burr MaterialSteelSteel
Hopper Capacity2.20 lbs4.4 lbs
Watts350 watt750 watt
RPM for Burrs1350/min (50 Hz)
1550/min (50 Hz)
1400/min (50 Hz)
1600/min (60 Hz)
Weight28.66 lbs57 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)9.05 × 24 × 10.6 in17 × 7 × 26 in

The F64 EVO works better for home use, and the GH2 is a better choice for businesses serving under 30 drinks an hour.

I prefer the GH2 for businesses since it has a massive hopper. Almost triple the capacity the F64 EVO has. And because of this capacity, your team members wouldn’t need to refill it as often.

It also doesn’t have a touchscreen, which makes it easier for folks to learn. You dial a knob to the grind setting you want, and bam.

Both grinders do a fantastic job with grind consistency. Meaning, I can’t choose a winner here.

You’d want to use the F64 at home because it’s quieter, has more quality-of-life features due to the touchscreen, and has a portafilter holder for convenience.

Unlike most Mahlkönig grinders—which are made in Germany—the GH2 is made in China. Making it a more affordable prosumer option. And if it matters to you, the F64 EVO is made in Italy.

Which One’s Better?

The GH2 is better for commercial use while the F64 EVO is better as a home prosumer device.

If you’re a business—or are considering making one—you’ll need to compare these next models.

Commercial/High Volume Fiorenzato vs. Mahlkönig Grinders

Mahlkönig and Fiorenzato don’t offer many commercial models with similar price points. Hence, I’ll compare the Fiorenzato EVO PRO and the Mahlkönig Guatemala 2.0.

We’ll first explore each machine’s specs. Afterward, I’ll point out any noteworthy differences and explain who each machine is best for.

Commercial coffee grinders are built for high-speed, consistent coffee bean grinding. They excel in coffee shops, restaurants, and cafés with a constant demand for quality coffee. Their durability and precision make them ideal for fast and reliable coffee grinding.

Here we go.

1. Fiorenzato EVO PRO vs. Mahlkönig Guatemala 2.0

fiorenzato evo pro

Fiorenzato EVO PRO

mahlkonig guatemala 2.0

Mahlkönig Guatemala 2.0

EVO PROGuatemala 2.0
Burr TypeFlatConical
Burr MaterialSteelSteel
Hopper Capacity1.1 lbs1.1 lbs
Watts250 watt1100 watt
RPM for Burrs1600/min3500/min
Weight19.8 lbs66 lbs
Dimensions (D × W × H)6.6 × 18.6 × 9.4 in13 × 8.7 × 24.4 in

The Fiorenzato EVO PRO is a better espresso grinder for businesses. Meanwhile, the Guatemala 2.0 is a better grinder for other brewing methods (e.g., filter and cold brew).

Testing with the Guatemala suggests that when ground for espresso, the grinds come out too coarse. However, the Fiorenzato EVO PRO had super fine grinds, making it a viable option for making Turkish coffee.

What if you wanted to use the EVO PRO for other brewing methods?

Fiorenzato’s grinder has 64 mm burrs and takes up to 5 seconds to grind for a double shot. Mahlkönig’s grinder has 71 mm burrs and will grind in 3.02 seconds. Making it the better option in high-traffic environments—100+ drinks an hour.

The EVO PRO is also easier to clean. You’ll pull a couple of clips, then remove the grind adjustment collar and hopper. It’s ideal if you need to quickly clean during a busy time.

Which One’s Better?

The EVO PRO works better as an espresso and Turkish coffee grinder since it produces finer grounds. The Guatemala 2.0 is better for making anything that involves coarse grinds due to having less fine grounds mixed in.

When did Fiorenzato and Mahlkönig begin making grinders?

History of Each Company

You may prefer a brand based on how they gained their success. Or you may find yourself curious about how each company began their journey. The following sections will cover each brand’s history.

Strap in and get ready for great reading.

Fiorenzato History

In 1936, Pietro Fiorenzato of Mestre, Italy, inspired by his experience in the grind-doser maker industry, aspired to establish a company focused on technological innovation.

World War II compelled a shift to arms manufacturing, leading to a bombing of the factory by the Allies. Despite this setback, Fiorenzato revived his company in 1948, introducing the first countertop coffee grinder.

By 1988, Fiorenzato led the coffee grinder market, driving innovation and diversification. In the 1990s, they pioneered electronics into their grinders, transforming manufacturing processes.

In 2005, Pietro Fiorenzato passed the legacy to his children, who embraced new technologies and research.

In 2017, Fiorenzato presented the XGi smart model grinder, incorporating patented technology to ensure the freshest coffee taste.

Relocating in 2019 to Santa Maria di Sala allowed them to meet growing market demands. Finally, in 2022, Fiorenzato and Espresso Parts collaborated to introduce Fiorenzato espresso machines to the United States.

Their journey continues, marked by a legacy of innovation and quality.

Mahlkönig History

The Hermo Group founded and registered Mahlkönig as a company in Hamburg, Germany, on December 13th, 1924 [1]. During this time, it focused on producing electric motors.

Motors for what? I couldn’t find any reliable information that provided more details.

Between 1950 and 1960, Mahlkönig produced its W1BN grinder model [2]. In 1960, Mahlkönig focused its manufacturing on coffee grinders, which gave them an opportunity to put the motor manufacturing skills they had to use.

No sources specify whether this grinder’s success inspired them to produce more grinders.

Almost 100 years later, they continue to produce home, prosumer, and commercial espresso grinders.

That’s all the information I could find regarding Mahlkönig’s history.


I recommend Mahlkönig machines if you’re a medium- or large-sized café or coffee shop brewing drinks other than espresso. As many tests suggest, their espresso has more coarse grounds despite having stepless adjustments.

Need more comparisons? Check out our other guides, where we pit more grinder brands against one another.

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