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Starbucks Coffee Traveler: What is it & How Does it Work?

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The Starbucks coffee traveler is a pack of 12 cups (or sometimes more) of Starbucks coffees. It’s a fantastic idea for work meetings or get togethers with friends. 

This menu item has always stood out to me as an awesome way to get the best catering from Starbucks. So I took some time to find out more about it, and my findings are coming right up.

I’ll be covering the following subjects in this article:

Shall we begin?

Key Takeaways

Here are the main things to know about the Starbucks coffee traveler:

  • The basic traveler consists of 12 cups of cup coffee
  • You can choose from four different coffee roasts
  • Larger sizes are available in some Starbucks stores
  • It’s possible to replace regular dairy milk for alternatives
  • You’ll get sugar, stirrers etc. in the pack

The Starbucks Coffee Traveler Defined

The Starbucks coffee traveler is a carrier box filled with 96 fl oz of various Starbucks coffee blends. That works out to 12 cups of 8 fl oz cups of coffee. 

In some parts of the US, Starbucks also offers large sizes for its coffee travelers. Certain coffee shops will have a 16 serving box, a 40 serving box and even an 80 serving box. 

You’ll be able to choose which coffee blend you get as we’ll find out in the next section. But it is limited to just the regular coffee drinks at this time. You won’t be able to get the likes of lattes and cappuccinos or any iced drinks. 

It comes in a neat box that also features the following most of the time:

  • Milk
  • Sugar sachets
  • Stirring sticks
  • Napkins

The milk is dairy but you can order milk alternatives like almond and oat for an extra price. Make sure to do that at the time you place your order (more on how to do that later on).

Another great feature of the box is that it helps to keep your coffee warm. Starbucks claims that the coffees will be warm to a suitable drinking temperature anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

I’ve yet to validate this claim myself as I just wanted to drink the coffee! But it does sound like it would make a difference to the experience. You certainly won’t have to rush to the park or the office so quickly with this in mind. 

The Starbucks Coffee Traveler coffee blends

Right now, you’ll be able to order the Starbucks coffee traveler in any of the following flavors [1]: 

  • Veranda Blend: This is the lightest of Starbucks’s three caffeinated coffee roasts. But interestingly, it has a little more caffeine content than the others, even with its lighter taste. 
  • Dark Roast: This is the one to go for if you prefer your coffee with a darker taste. The rich aroma will wake you up just as much as the extra caffeine in the Veranda blend! 
  • Pike Place Roast: This is the most classic blend coffee from Starbucks. It’s the one you’d get in the coffee shop if you didn’t specify which roast you wanted, and it tastes awesome. 
  • Decaf Pike Place Roast: The signature Starbucks blend but with no caffeine! A great option for those who aren’t into being caffeinated or for the late afternoon or night time coffee sessions.

You can find out more about coffee roasts in this article.

Starbucks Coffee Traveler Pricing and Availability

The average price of the standard Starbucks Coffee Traveler in the US right now is $25. If you were to buy each cup of coffee separately, it would cost you $36, so I think this is a good value for money offering. Especially when you get the box etc. 

You’ll have to pay a little extra if you want to get milk alternatives such as soya or almond though. 

For the larger size coffee travelers, the price also varies for each location. But on average, they seem to cost around $20, $45 and $90 for the 16 serving box, 40 serving box and 80 serving box respectively. The prices are pretty good value for money if you ask me! 

Who the Starbucks Coffee Traveler is Best For

The Starbucks Coffee Traveler is a fantastic idea for work parties or if you’re getting together with friends or family.

I think it would be a fun idea for meetings in the office, picnics in the park or any other occasion where you simply want to drink some coffee with a few friends or acquaintances. 

When you consider that a regular 8 fl oz cup of coffee at Starbucks costs around $3 on average for the US, you’ll realize that the Starbucks Coffee Traveler is worth it based on money alone. We’ll cover those prices in the next section. 

And, it comes in a handy box for transportation. You might not get that if you order your coffees separately!

Starbucks Coffee Traveler Pricing Around the World 

Here’s a quick look at the prices you can expect to pay for coffee travelers around the world by comparison to the price of the US one.

Remember, the coffee traveler is only available in a few limited countries.

CountryAvailablePrice for 96 fl oz 
Philippines YesPHP 890
IndiaYesRs. 190/ (8 cups)*

*India does not appear to offer a 12 cup coffee traveler. The largest size that’s available is the 8 cup, and the price is listed here.

How to Sign Up and Get the Starbucks Coffee Traveler

There are a few different ways to get your Starbucks Coffee Traveler. And, you can get it there and then. You won’t have to order it in advance. 

Here are your options:

  • In the store: Simply go up to the counter and order your Starbucks Coffee Traveler from a member of staff. The downside to this method is that you’ll have to wait a little longer for your traveler to be ready. 
  • Through the app: You can save some time by downloading the Starbucks mobile app and ordering to your local store from there. This way, it can be waiting for you when you arrive if you time it right. 
  • On the website: The app is going to be better for mobile users but if you want to order from a desktop computer then simply go over to the Starbucks website. 
  • Over the phone: Some stores will let you call your order in while you’re on the way over to collect it. You’ll need to obtain the number from your local store to do this, and you should be able to find that online. 

After you’ve placed your order, you’ll need to head to your local store to collect it if you’re not there already. Starbucks doesn’t offer a delivery service at this time. 

It could, however, be possible to place an order through certain food and drink courier services like Uber Eats and Doordash in certain parts of the US. If you want your coffee remotely, it could be worth checking out their apps to see if the traveler is on the menu. 

Make sure to add on any milk alternatives that you might want at the time you place the order as well. 

Starbucks Coffee Traveler FAQ 

People have been wanting to know the following things about the Starbucks coffee traveler:

Is Starbucks going to add to its coffee traveler menu in the future?

At this stage in time, Starbucks does not appear to have any plans to add extra types of coffee or sizes to its traveler. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some new additions in time to come though.

How long will the Starbucks coffee traveler take to prepare?

It could take a few minutes for your traveler to be prepared, especially if you order one of the larger sizes. That’s why I recommend ordering ahead from the app, the site or over the phone. 

Wrapping Up on the Starbucks Coffee Traveler 

The Starbucks Coffee Traveler is a great menu item for anyone who wants to serve coffee to 12 or more people at once. It offers great value, although slightly limited choice in terms of coffees. 

I’d recommend it for any work meetings, gatherings with friends or other get-togethers of a dozen or more people. 

But remember, you don’t have to buy a Starbucks coffee traveler to enjoy a few coffees with friends. You can make them from the comfort of your own home if you buy one of the best coffee makers

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