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The History & Legacy of Fiorenzato Grinders

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Pietro Fiorenzato used his experience of making coffee dosers to create the Fiorenzato company in 1936. Since then, the company has become a market leader in coffee grinders. Keep reading to learn more about this company’s history.

the history legacy of fiorenzato grinders

As a fan of Fiorenzato grinders, I found myself curious about how they began as a brand. That inspired me to write this historical timeline covering the company’s past.

I’ll talk about various key events throughout the company’s lifespan so far.

Let’s begin.

Key Takeaways

  • The company was invented in 1936 by Pietro Fiorenzato.
  • The factory was destroyed in 1945 & rebuilt in 1949.
  • Pietro passed on his legacy to his grandchildren in 2005.
  • Fiorenzato created its first smart grinder in 2017.

Fiorenzato History Timeline

The following sections will explain different historical events that happened to Fiorenzato as a brand throughout the 1900s and 2000s.

Keep reading to learn more.

The 1900s: The Rise & Fall of Fiorenzato

The following sections will cover all Fiorenzato’s noteworthy happenings throughout the 1900s [1].

1936: The Beginning

A man in Mestre, Italy, named Pietro Fiorenzato, had learned various aspects about what makes a high-quality machine. This knowledge came from working for one of the few grind-doser maker manufacturers in the country. 

When he reached the age of 26, he had a goal of making a similar company that strived for technological innovation and the highest product quality.

Thus, he created the name of his company based on his surname. His skills derived from his former employer armed him with the knowledge to create his own dosers.

Though he had his company name, he couldn’t start making what he wanted due to a catastrophic historical event.

1940–1945: A Shift in Manufacturing

World War 2 ravaged the world and forced Fiorenzato to switch from coffee doser manufacturing to making weapons. This was forced upon him due to Italy’s current situation.

Switching to arms manufacturing came with a consequence. The Allies bombed the factory and destroyed it. This resulted in Fiorenzato losing all its tangible assets like:

  • Machinery
  • Equipment
  • Raw materials
  • Property

Despite having an “all is lost” moment, that wasn’t the end for Fiorenzato.

1948–1948: Revival

After the war ended, Fiorenzato began rebuilding his factory and leaped forward by creating the first countertop coffee grinder. This invention led to a new era of 

In 1949, Fiorenzato finished reconstructing his factory. With the completed construction, he could funnel his energy into manufacturing and innovation.

And this is how things went for more than 40 years.

1988 & the 90s: Innovation & Diversification

Fiorenzato became the market leader in coffee grinders thanks to Italians having more purchasing power. And because of this, the company and its team could further push innovation in the coffee grinder space.

With this innovation came diversification.

Fiorenzato became one of the first companies in the 90s to implement electronics into their grinders. This innovation changed the way manufacturing and the devices, in general, worked.

Things got quiet for a bit.

The 2000s: An Innovative Period

The following sections will cover all the events that have happened regarding Fiorenzato throughout the 2000s so far.

2005 & 2009: Passing on a Legacy

Pietro Fiorenzato handed off his company to his children, who introduced a new development strategy. This strategy focused on applying new technologies to grinders and investing even more in research.

In 2009, Fiorenzato introduced the first on-demand grind-doser. This doser grinds coffee quickly while having less taste. Because of how quickly it could grind, the beans would maintain their aromas.

An on-demand grind-doser dispenses ground coffee into a portafilter or filter basket when needed. It minimizes the coffee’s exposure to air to maintain optimal quality. This method avoids pre-ground coffee storage, which can lead to loss of flavor and aroma.

We won’t see much regarding significant improvements until around 10 years later.

2017: Smart Technology

Fiorenzato presents the XGi smart model grinder. This system comes with patented technology that calculates the weight of your beans in seconds. Such measurements help ensure that every cup of coffee will have the freshest taste possible.

From thereon, the company manufactured more grinders that implemented similar technologies.

2019: Growth

To cater to growing market demands, Fiorenzato moved to a larger building in Santa Maria di Sala in Italy. This move increased their warehousing space and helped bolster manufacturing.

From there, the company had more room to breathe and expand.

2022: Reaching New Markets

Fiorenzato Italy and the brand, Espresso parts, joined forces to introduce Fiorenzato grinders to folks in the United States through [2].

And as Fiorenzato adds more events to its history, we’ll add it to this post.


Fiorenzato became a company in 1936, fell in 1945, and returned in 1949 due to the determination of Pietro Fiorenzato. Such a comeback, paired with innovation, led the company to become a market leader in coffee grinders.

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