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Thanks for joining me as I show you the best coffee carafes money can buy right now.

I’ve been researching a whole lot of the coffee carafes available right now so I can show you which are the very best to buy.

And the one that came out at my number one overall pick was the Cresimo Thermal Carafe. It demonstrates excellent heat retention for a really good price. 

cresimo thermal carafe

Cresimo Thermal Carafe: Best Overall

  • Price: $
  • Capacity: 2 liters/68 oz
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Claimed Heat Retention Time: 12 hours
  • Best For: Home and portable use
  • Warranty: 1 year

But I’ll also be showing you seven more excellent options that might be better suited to you if you want to save money or get more capacity, for example. And then, I’ll give you some extra detail about how I came to those decisions. 

Let’s go! 

Top 8 Coffee Carafes

Stay tuned as I show you each of these in more detail.

1. Best Overall – Cresimo Thermal Carafe

cresimo thermal carafe
Price $
Capacity2 liters/68 oz
MaterialStainless steel
Claimed Heat Retention Time12 hours
Best ForHome and portable use
Warranty1 year 


  • 12 hours of heat retention
  • Great value for money 


  • Some users have reported dripping

I think the best coffee carafe for most people is going to be the Cresimo Thermal Carafe. It offers the best value for money for me, as you can get great. 

Perfect for storing your pour-over coffee.

Cresimo claims that this carafe will keep your coffee or tea warm for an impressive 12 hours. And from my experience, that is correct (depending on the temperature around it.)

And you won’t have to break the bank to achieve that level of performance. This Cresimo product is very reasonably priced. 

This is an average sized carafe as it holds 2 liters of coffee. That’s going to be enough for 8-10 cups [1]. 

According to other reviews, some users have reported this carafe dripping. But I have never experienced that. And if you do have any issues within a year, you can get the carafe replaced or fixed under warranty. 

So, I’d recommend that most people opt for the Cresimo Thermal Carafe. That’s why it’s my top pick overall. 

2. Best for Pour Over – Kalita Coffee Server

kalita coffee server
Price $
Capacity500 ml / 17 oz
Claimed Heat Retention TimeA few hours
Best ForHome and portable use
Warranty1 year 


  • Neat glass design
  • Works with some drip coffee machines


  • Not very durable 

If you want pour over coffee, one of the best options is the Kalita Coffee Server. You can use it with some drip coffee machines or pour over straight into the carafe.

And even if it doesn’t fit perfectly for your coffee machine, you can still use it to serve coffee in your home very effectively. 

I wouldn’t buy this coffee carafe if you’re looking for something super portable though. The glass design means that it could break easily. If you want to take it on the move, make sure you wrap it up a lot. 

It’s hard to tell what the retention time for heat is but you should keep your coffee warm for a few hours indoors.

This coffee machine looks awesome in its glass design and it’s super easy for pour over coffee. That’s why it’s my top pick for this type of coffee drink.

3. Best for Budgets – Olebes Thermal Coffee Carafe

olebes thermal coffee carafe
Price $
Capacity2 liters/68 oz 
MaterialStainless steel 
Claimed Heat Retention Time12 hours (questionable)
Best ForHome and portable use
Warranty1 year 


  • Very affordable price 
  • Seals well


  • Questionable heat retention time 

You don’t have to lose too much in quality to save some money on your coffee carafe purchase. The thermal carafe from Olebes proves that. 

Olebes claims that the heat and cold retention time here are both 12 hours. This doesn’t make a lot of sense as the cold retention time should be a lot higher. This is because liquid should stay cold for longer than hot in most parts of the world.

I wouldn’t expect my coffee to be super hot after 12 hours using this carafe, but you should still get a few hours of warmth. 

The build quality here is surprisingly good so you’d be unlucky to get any leakage from it. That’s impressive considering that the price is very low.

Again, the capacity is 2 liters so you’ll be able to store about 8-10 cups of coffee at a time. 

So, there isn’t much to not like about the budget Olebes offering. Just don’t expect to be able to keep your coffee as warm for quite as long as some of my other top picks. 

4. Best for Iced Coffee – Vondior Coffee Carafe

vondior coffee carafe
Price $$
Capacity2 liters/68 oz
MaterialStainless steel 
Claimed Heat Retention Time12 hours
Best ForHome and portable use
Warranty1 year 


  • Fantastic cold retention
  • Large enough opening to fit ice


  • Some users report heat retention issues 

Love an ice coffee on a cool summer day? The best option for you in terms of value for money is going to be the Vondior Coffee Carafe.

My favorite thing about this coffee carafe (and the thing that makes it best for iced coffee) is the cold retention. You’ll be able to keep your iced coffee cold for 24 hours.

The opening is also large enough to add relatively big ice cubes to your drink, which is definitely worth doing! And you can have 8-10 cups due to the 2 liter capacity.

Don’t just think that this carafe is only for iced coffee though. Its temperature retention works for hot drinks as well. It should keep your hot coffee warm for 12 hours. 

However, some users have reported that it doesn’t stay hot for this long. That being said, it depends on the temperature of your location. 

Nonetheless, the Vondior offering is a good value way to keep your ice coffee cool in the sun.

5. Best Portable Option – Lafeeca Thermal Coffee Carafe

lafeeca thermal coffee carafe
Price $$
Capacity800 ml /27 oz
MaterialStainless steel
Claimed Heat Retention Time10 hours
Best ForTaking on the go 


  • Portable carafe size
  • Fair heat retention


  • A little expensive for the size

If you’re looking to travel light and still enjoy a warm (or cold!) cup of coffee on the go then I recommend the Lafeeca Thermal Coffee Carafe.

The heat retention itself is just as good as any of the other top picks I’ve made today. But due to the fact that the carafe is smaller, your coffee won’t stay as hot for long. Nonetheless, it should still be warm after around 10 hours. 

The capacity is 800 ml. This means it’s compact enough to fit into a small bag but still manages to hold around 4 or 5 cups of coffee.

One downside is that it’s around the same price as the bigger carafes from my top picks. You might have thought that a smaller device would be more affordable, but that’s not the case with this.

Even with the higher price, I think that this Lafeeca carafe will be best for travelers packing light.

6. Best for Overall Capacity – Airpot Coffee Dispenser

airpot coffee dispenser
Price $$$
Capacity3 liters/102 oz
MaterialStainless steel
Claimed Heat Retention Time12 hours
Best ForA well planned coffee trip
Warranty1 year 


  • Pouring mechanism makes usage easier 
  • Around 15 cups of coffee stored 


  • Not so portable 

Planning on serving up a lot of coffee on the go? The Airpot Coffee Dispenser is my top pick for a large capacity. 

The three liter capacity allows this dispenser to store up to 15 or so cups of coffee. That’ll keep you and your friends or family going! 

Because it’s larger, it’s more expensive. But the price rise is just about in line with the extra size of the device. And it has a neat lever to pour your drinks so you don’t have to tip it up in all its weight. 

I wouldn’t recommend taking this case too far away as it’s going to be a logistical challenge to transport. But if you have the organization for it, the Airpot Coffee Dispenser will be a great way to enjoy a lot of warm cups of coffee out and about.

7. Best for UK and Europe – Fellow Mighty Small Glass Carafe

fellow mighty small glass carafe
Price $$$
Capacity600 ml/16.9 oz 
Claimed Heat Retention Time8 hours 
Best ForHome and portable use
Warranty1 year 


  • Very robust glass carafe
  • Super portable 


  • A little expensive 

One of the most popular carafes in the UK and Europe right now is the excellent Fellow Mighty Small Glass Carafe. It’s designed by Fellow, who are a particularly popular brand in that part of the world. 

This is one of just two glass carafes I’ve picked out today. Usually, I’m not a fan as I find that they break quite easily and don’t really bring much of a benefit other than aesthetics. But this particular model uses very strong glass and therefore, it will be more robust when traveling. 

It’s only 600 ml in size which makes it a great travel option. But bear in mind that this is only enough for 3 or 4 cups of coffee. So it might not be well suited to those who need a lot of coffee. 

Another benefit is that Fellow are a trusted brand and it’s easy to get customer support in the UK and Europe through them.

However, all this means that the price is higher than some of the competition. I think it’s worth it though. 

8. Best for Australia – Hario V60 Glass Range Coffee Server

hario v60 glass range coffee server
Price $
Capacity800 ml/28.1 oz 
Claimed Heat Retention Time8 hours 
Best ForHome and portable use
Warranty1 year 


  • Attractive glass design 
  • Affordable price 


  • Not so durable 

Glass carafes seem to be super popular in Australia as well. So does the brand Hario. And luckily, Hario has developed one of their own glass carafes, the V60. 

The glass isn’t quite as strong here though so it might not be quite so portable. Still, you can transport it if you look after it. Plus, it works great as a server for home use anyway. It’s a great option for pour over coffee as you can fit it under your machine most of the time. 

You’ll get an 800 ml capacity, so slightly larger (an extra cup of coffee) than the Fellow Mighty. That’s about 4 or 5 cups to be drunk. 

I’m a fan of the price of this device even though it comes from a larger brand. You’ll get good value and good customer service if you opt for the V60.

And these are all the reasons I think this is the best coffee carafe for Australian customers.

Coffee Carafe Buying Guide 

Want to know more about buying a coffee carafe? Here’s everything you should be thinking about when you make your purchase.

MaterialHow durable are the materials? Do they look good? 
Heat RetentionHow long does your coffee stay hot inside of the carafe?
Price Is the carafe expensive and if so, does it justify the price?
CapacityHow much coffee can the carafe store at a time?
WarrantyHow long will the manufacturer protect you against any issues?

#1 Material

Coffee carafes are usually made out of either stainless steel or glass. Each of these has their own benefits.

There are three key reasons why the material that your coffee carafe is made out of counts: 

  • Durability: The material affects how easy the carafe is to break. 
  • Aesthetics: Some materials look better than others. 
  • Heat retention: More on this in the next section

Steel coffee carafes are the most popular of the two, so you’ll have a lot more choice of them. That’s because they’re generally better for heat retention and durability.

However, glass carafes do look nicer so a lot of people want to opt for these instead.

Glass carafe benefits:

  • Looks more appealing
  • Good for home use

Steel carafe benefits:

  • Better heat retention
  • More durable 

#2 Heat Retention

One of the key things to think about if you’re going to be taking your coffee out of the house for a long time is how long it’s going to stay warm. 

The average for heat retention is around 12 hours so you should aim for this if you want to travel with coffee.

You’re going to want to make sure your carafe is ‘double walled’. This means that there are two layers of steel, which is better for insulation. The vast majority of coffee carafes are like this, but it’s good to check. 

Also, if you want to make iced coffee, make sure you opt for a well insulated carafe so that you can keep your drink icy and fresh. 

#3 Price

It’s important to think about how much you want to spend with your next coffee carafe. There’s no need to spend any more than you want to as these devices are usually pretty good value. 

I don’t think that most people will need to spend more than $30-$40 on a coffee carafe. That is, unless they believe they need the extra capacity of a large coffee carafe or something more premium if the budget can afford that.

On top of that, you could still get a good quality carafe for less than that price bracket. My budget option, for example, is a good example of that. 

#4 Capacity

How much coffee do you want to be taking on the go with you? The larger the capacity, the more cups of coffee you’re going to be able to pour for your friends and family.

Most stainless steel coffee carafes are two liters. But you can find some that are larger or smaller than this. For example, I’ve shown you a three liter and an 800 ml steel carafe in my top picks above.

It tends to be the case that glass carafes are smaller. You might find it tricky to find a multi liter glass carafe.

#5 Warranty

The warranty of a carafe protects you against anything that goes wrong as a result of a manufacturer defect. You should be able to get your carafe fixed or replaced for free  during a warranty period.

Of course, there aren’t as many things that can go wrong with a carafe in comparison to a device with working parts. But still, seals can break down and other things can go wrong which can have an impact on the performance of the carafe.

Most warranties for coffee carafes will be one year. This is the legal minimum in the US. But you might find that some premium products offer you a longer duration than this. 

Coffee Carafe FAQ 

There are a couple of extra things people have been asking about with regards to buying a coffee carafe…

How often do I need to clean my coffee carafe?

You should clean your coffee carafe with warm soapy water every time you use it. Just add it to the rest of your washing up!

A lot of coffee carafes will be fine to put in the dishwasher. But, make sure to check the individual instructions for each, especially if you opted for a glass carafe [2].

Will my coffee go stale when being kept warm in a coffee carafe for several hours?

It’s absolutely true that the flavor of your coffee won’t be as good as it was when it was made brand new after a few hours. But generally, I’ve found that most coffee still tastes pretty good after a few hours being kept warm in a coffee carafe.

My Verdict: The Top Coffee Carafes

I’m about to wrap up here, but before I do, here’s a quick look at my top three. One of these will probably be suited to most people.

  1. Best Overall – Cresmo Thermal Carafe: The pick of the bunch for me (and probably for most people) is this option from Cresmo. Quite simply, it offers the best heat retention performance for the best price. And it looks pretty good too!
  2. Best for Budgets – Olebes Thermal Coffee Carafe: You can save a little money without losing too much in the heat retention by going for this option instead. 
  3. Best for Iced Coffee – Vondior Coffee Carafe: It’s all about cold retention if you want iced coffee and the best pick for me in terms of that is this one.

These are all awesome picks. But don’t neglect the rest of my top eight either, as there’s a lot of quality there! And be sure to check out my buying guide if you need any extra help with the decision making process. Good luck. 

cresimo thermal carafe

Cresimo Thermal Carafe: Best Overall

  • Price: $
  • Capacity: 2 liters/68 oz
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Claimed Heat Retention Time: 12 hours
  • Best For: Home and portable use
  • Warranty: 1 year
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