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Mazzer MINI Timer Commercial Coffee Grinder



Meet the Mazzer MINI Timer: your go-to for a professional touch in a compact package. Ideal for small cafes and restaurants, this grinder blends ease and efficiency with its stepless control and sturdy build. Get consistent, quality grinds every time, perfect for places where space and quality matter.

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The Mazzer MINI Timer is more than just a coffee grinder. It’s a reliable partner in your coffee journey, designed to bring out the best in your beans.

Who is it for?

This grinder is perfect for:

  • Small Cafes & Coffee Shops: With its compact size, it fits snugly in smaller spaces while delivering consistent grinds.
  • Restaurants: Enhance your customer’s dining experience with freshly ground coffee, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Boutique Hotels: Offer guests the luxury of quality, freshly ground coffee.
  • Coffee Enthusiasts: Ideal for those who appreciate the art of a perfect grind at home.

Main Feature

The heart of the Mazzer MINI Timer is its stepless micrometrical grind adjustment. This feature means you can fine-tune your grind with precision, ensuring the perfect texture for your brew. Mazzer MINI Timer adapts to your needs, every time.

Types of Grinds

Specialized for espresso, the Mazzer MINI Timer excels in producing the fine, consistent grind essential for a perfect espresso shot. While it’s tailored for espresso, its versatile settings allow for adjustments suitable for a range of finer grinds, catering to your specific brewing needs.

Ready to elevate your coffee game? Get the Mazzer MINI Timer and experience the difference in every cup.

What Is Included:

  • Mazzer MINI Timer Grinder: Compact, efficient grinding for superb coffee.
  • 58mm Flat Steel Burrs: Precision burrs for consistent, quality grinds.
  • 1.3 lb Hopper: Ample capacity for busy days, less refilling.
  • Sturdy Aluminum Body: Durable and stylish, built to last.


  • Stepless Micrometrical Grind Adjustment: Allows for precise control over grind size, ensuring the perfect texture for each cup of espresso. Perfect grinds lead to perfect shots.
  • 250-Watt High-Performance Motor: Delivers efficient and robust grinding power. Reliable performance, cup after cup.
  • Compact and Robust Aluminum Body: Space-saving design that’s built to last. Fits comfortably in small spaces and endures the busiest environments.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Made with recyclable stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Invest in quality that’s kinder to the planet.
  • Ideal for Espresso Extraction: Specifically designed for espresso grind size, ensuring the best extraction. Elevate your espresso experience.
  • Optional Hopper Measures: Choose between a 320g hopper or a 1kg hopper to suit your volume needs. Flexibility to adapt to your business’s demands.
  • Output: Medium-Low: Designed for environments with moderate to low coffee demand. Ensures top-notch performance without overwhelming small-scale operations. Ideal for maintaining quality in a more intimate setting.
  • Timer Switch: Offers added convenience with timed grinding, delivering consistent doses without constant supervision. Ideal for busy settings where efficiency is key.


FeatureUS MetricsEU Metrics
Power Supply250 W250 W
Burrs Diameter2.28 in58 mm
Standard Burrs182D182D
Hopper Capacity1.3 lbs0.6 kg
Optional Hoppers Capacity0.7 lbs / 2.2 lbs320 g / 1 kg
Ground Coffee Container Capacity0.44 lbs200 g
Dose Adjustment0.19 – 0.28 oz5.5 – 8 g
Grinding Speed1600 RPM @ 60Hz1400 RPM @ 50Hz
Weight22.5 lbs10.2 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D)6.61 x 18.50 x 13.39 in168 x 470 x 340 mm




  • All Mazzer coffee grinders come with a 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

Procedure for Warranty Claims:

  1. If facing issues with your Mazzer grinder, please first refer to the user manual to troubleshoot common problems.
  2. If the issue persists, contact our customer service at [email protected].
  3. Upon contacting, you may be asked to provide proof of purchase to validate the warranty period.
  4. If your claim is approved, you will be provided with an authorization number to track the status of your warranty repair.


  • Defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and maintenance.

Not Covered:

  1. Plastic and wearable parts such as grinder burrs, bean hoppers, etc.
  2. General wear and tear and normal deterioration.
  3. Damage resulting from:
    • Accidents, misuse, or abuse.
    • Not performing necessary maintenance and/or cleaning.
    • External causes like power surges or shortages.
  4. Any damage or malfunction resulting from using non-original parts for repairs.
  5. Services or repairs performed by third parties outside of Tim’s Coffee or our official partners.
  6. Shipping costs for repairs after the first 30 days. Within the first 30 days, shipping for approved warranty repairs is covered by Tim’s Coffee.

Learn more about our warranty policies here.

100% Free Shipping In USA

Experience exceptional service and commitment at Tim’s Coffee. Enjoy the delight of purchasing Mazzer products with the following shipping details and options:

  • Free Shipping:
    • Delight in 100% free shipping exclusively for Mazzer products.
  • Shipping Locations:
    • We ship without charge to all U.S. states.
  • Standard Delivery:
    • Your product will be shipped to you within 3-8 business days.

Return Policy

  • Return Window:
    • Items are eligible for return within 30 days of purchase.
  • Condition:
    • Ensure the item is in its original condition, without signs of wear and tear, and in its original packaging for the return to be approved.
  • Restocking Fee:
    • A 10% restocking fee will be applied to the returned item.
  • Freight/Shipping Charges:
    • Shipping costs for returns after the first 30 days are borne by the customer. Within the first 30 days, Tim’s Coffee covers approved warranty repairs’ shipping.

Note: Please adhere to these conditions to ensure a smooth return process. Products showing signs of use or wear and tear will not be accepted for return. Learn more about our shipping and return policies here.

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Mazzer MINI Timer Commercial Coffee Grinder