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Magister EEG ES Commercial Espresso Machines – 2 & 3 Groups Semi-Automtic



The Magister EEG ES Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine is a testament to coffee mastery. Tailored for lively cafes, restaurants, and hotels, this semi-automatic variant offers more control, inviting baristas to perfect their craft. While designed for commercial environments, its ease of use ensures that exceptional espresso remains at the forefront even during the busiest times.

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The Magister EEG MS Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine is designed for those who view coffee-making as an art. Ideal for cafes, restaurants, and hotels where baristas seek to showcase their skills.

It’s semi-automatic, requiring a bit more skill to brew than its automatic counterpart. But you can also customize the shots to your preference easier.

Built from polished stainless steel, this machine is as durable as it is sleek. Offering a standard auto-fill system, it keeps pace with the demands of a busy setting. While the sight glass gives baristas a clear view of the water level.

For those who crave control, this semi-automatic version shines. With manual boiler controls and two steam wands, it allows for a hands-on approach to espresso crafting.

The Magister EEG MS isn’t just another machine—it’s a gateway to elevated coffee experiences.

Who Should Get it?

The Magister EEG MS Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine is crafted for establishments that see coffee-making not just as a service, but as an art form. It’s an ideal choice for specialty cafes, high-end restaurants, and boutique hotels where the barista plays a central role.

If your setting values the craft of coffee-making and wants to offer a personalized touch in each cup, this machine offers that flexibility. It’s perfect for locations that see the beauty in the hands-on process, from adjusting boiler pressure to manually frothing milk for the perfect cappuccino.

The semi-automatic machine also fits well in educational settings like barista training centers. Here, the focus is often on teaching the nuances of coffee-making, for which this machine is perfectly suited.

In essence, if your establishment leans towards artisanal coffee experiences and values the skill of the barista. The Magister EEG MS Semi-Automatic is your ideal companion.

Automatic vs Semi-Automatic

While both versions of the Magister EEG ES and EEG MS Espresso Machines offer superb functionality and reliability, the key difference lies in the level of control they offer.

The automatic version is all about ease and consistency. It’s designed to remember your brewing settings, thanks to its Smart Learning System. This ensures that every cup of coffee tastes as wonderful as the last, with minimal input from the barista.

On the other hand, the semi-automatic version invites more hands-on involvement. It allows for continuous delivery and offers manual boiler fill controls. This is the machine for baristas who relish the craft of coffee-making and want to add their own touch to each brew.

Ultimately, the choice between automatic and semi-automatic comes down to your café’s needs and the experience you wish to offer your customers. Whether you want to serve up consistent quality with minimal fuss, or allow for artisanal expression, there’s a Magister machine for you.

Check out the automatic Magister EEG ES Commercial Espresso Machines here.


  • Body in Polished Stainless Steel: Adds sophistication while being durable for a demanding environment.
  • Inbuilt Volumetric Pump with Balanced By-pass: Consistent water flow for reliable brewing, every time.
  • Standard Auto-fill System: Automatically maintains water levels, allowing continuous brewing.
  • Sight Glass for Boiler Level Check: Baristas can monitor water levels, ensuring the machine is always ready to brew.
  • Manual Boiler Fill Button: Adds the flexibility of manual control over the boiler’s water level.
  • Electric Heating Element with Safety Thermostat: Keeps water at a steady temperature while ensuring safe operation.
  • Hot Water Dispenser with Push Button: Instant hot water at the push of a button for teas or other hot beverages.
  • Two Steam Wands: Allows for multi-tasking, frothing milk for cappuccinos while brewing espresso.
  • Mechanical Pressure Switch for Boiler Adjustment: Precise control over water pressure, for the perfect extraction.

Optional Add-Ons

If you’re interested in elevating your coffee service even further, consider these optional add-ons. Simply contact us, and we’ll happily add them to your order.

  • Cup Warmer: Ensures every cup of coffee is served in a pre-warmed cup for a truly exceptional experience.
  • “Tall-Cup” Version for 135 mm Tall Cups: Ideal for those who prefer larger beverages, this version accommodates taller cups seamlessly.
  • Cappuccinatore or Manual Milk Frother: Master the art of milk frothing and elevate your cappuccinos and lattes to creamy perfection.
  • Gas Heating Kit with Thermostat: Offers an alternative to electric heating, providing added versatility in your brewing operations.
  • Electronic Boiler Temperature Control (Thermo-PID): Achieve more precise control over boiler temperature, making each brew consistently excellent.

By opting for any of these add-ons, you’re not just getting a machine—you’re customizing a coffee solution tailored to the unique needs of your establishment.


Version 2 Groups Automatic 3 Groups Automatic
Dimensions inches31.3 x 21 x 19.7 in (L, W, H)40.8 x 21 x 19.7 in (L, W, H)
Weight Lbs176.4 lbs216 lbs
Boiler capacity11 liter / 372 oz17 liter / 575 oz
Electricity 110 Volt
/ 60HZ – EU standard
2400 Watt, 2700 Watt
Electricity 220-240 Volt
/ 50-60 HZ – US standard
2400 Watt, 2700 Watt,
3500 Watt, 4500 Watt
4500 Watt, 5400 Watt

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Magister EEG ES Commercial Espresso Machines – 2 & 3 Groups Semi-Automtic