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Magister EEG ES Commercial Espresso Machines – 2 & 3 Groups Automatic



The Magister EEG ES Espresso Machine is a pinnacle of coffee excellence.  The machine is crafted for bustling cafes, restaurants, and hotels. It’s also automatic, meaning it’s easy to use and brews consistent espressos. Designed for commercial settings, it ensures smooth operations even in peak hours.

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The Magister EEG ES Espresso Machine Automatic is a beacon of professional coffee craftsmanship. Perfect for bustling cafes, coffee shops, or restaurants.

Constructed from gleaming stainless steel, it effortlessly combines elegance with durability. And since it’s automatic, it’s easier to use than its semi-automatic sister. This means it requires less training and brews a more consistent coffee.

Its intuitive blue-lit touch pads ensure swift coffee volume selections. While the transparent sight glass lets baristas easily monitor the water level.

In the Magister EEG ES, cafes don’t just get a machine—they secure a dedicated coffee partner.

Who is it for?

The Magister EEG ES Espresso Machine is designed for commercial champions. Ideal for bustling cafes, trendy coffee shops, and mobile coffee carts on the move. Due to it’s

It’s a perfect match for restaurants serving up gourmet meals. Or hotels wanting to offer guests that luxury coffee touch.

Thanks to its automatic features, it’s not just about making coffee—it’s about making coffee easily. Ensuring even the busiest of places can serve up perfection without a hitch.

In essence, if you’re in the business of making great coffee without the fuss, the Magister EEG ES is your trusty companion.

Why You Should Get It

The Magister EEG ES Espresso Machine is the silent hero behind every great café moment. Crafted from polished stainless steel, it’s not just a machine. But an investment in elegance and durability.

Intuitive touch pads light up your selections, simplifying the art of coffee-making. The transparent sight glass means no second-guessing the water level—more time brewing, less time worrying.

Ever wish your machine just “knew”? With its Smart Learning System, it remembers your ideal brew settings, consistently delivering to your standards. The additional display guides baristas, from water temperature to brewing times, ensuring that precision is just a glance away.

Accommodate every coffee enthusiast, whether they’re sipping a standard espresso or a tall latte, with its adaptable features. And for those bustling peak hours or chilly mornings, rely on the optional cup warmer, keeping every serving just right.

In the bustling world of coffee shops, where consistency is king and time is of the essence, the Magister EEG ES stands out, proving that efficiency can go hand-in-hand with excellence. Elevate your coffee game—make it Magister.

Automatic Vs Semi-Automatic

While both versions of the Magister EEG ES and EEG MS Espresso Machines offer superb functionality and reliability, the key difference lies in the level of control they offer.

The automatic version is all about ease and consistency. It’s designed to remember your brewing settings, thanks to its Smart Learning System. This ensures that every cup of coffee tastes as wonderful as the last, with minimal input from the barista.

On the other hand, the semi-automatic version invites more hands-on involvement. It allows for continuous delivery and offers manual boiler fill controls. This is the machine for baristas who relish the craft of coffee-making and want to add their own touch to each brew.

Ultimately, the choice between automatic and semi-automatic comes down to your café’s needs and the experience you wish to offer your customers. Whether you want to serve up consistent quality with minimal fuss, or allow for artisanal expression, there’s a Magister machine for you.

Check out the semi-automatic Magister EEG ES Commercial Espresso Machines here.


  • Body in Polished Stainless Steel: Provides a sleek, modern aesthetic and durability, ensuring your machine looks great and lasts long.
  • Inbuilt Volumetric Pump with Balanced By-pass: Ensures consistent water flow, delivering the same quality with each brew.
  • Electronic Boiler Level Control:Maintains the optimal water level automatically, reducing manual check-ins and potential errors.
  • Volumetric Touch Pads with Blue LEDs (0 to 3000 ml): Offers intuitive brewing options with clear visibility, streamlining the coffee-making process.
  • Sight Glass for Boiler Level Check:Lets baristas easily monitor the water level, ensuring uninterrupted brewing.
  • Self-learning Doses Programming: Learns and remembers brewing preferences, guaranteeing consistent taste for customers.
  • Electronic Pre-infusion: Enhances coffee flavors by pre-soaking the grounds. And, if preferred, this feature can be turned off.
  • Two Steam Dispensers with Anti-burn Wand: Safely froths milk to perfection, enhancing coffee drinks without risking burns.
  • One Hot Water Dispenser with Anti-burn Wand: Provides instant hot water for teas or other beverages, ensuring safety with the anti-burn design.
  • Mechanical Pressure Switch for Boiler Adjustment: Grants precise control over water pressure, fine-tuning the coffee extraction process.
  • EEG ESD Version with Display: Enables clear visuals and insights on brewing parameters, empowering baristas.
  • Comprehensive Display Insights: Shows essential data, from machine name to coffee counters, ensuring informed brewing decisions.
  • Touch Pad Custom Settings: Personalizes machine parameters from language to boiler temperature, adapting to each café’s unique needs.
  • Periodic Maintenance Program & Softener Regeneration Program: Keeps the machine running smoothly, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining peak performance.

Optional Add-ons

If you want any of these, contact us. And we will add them to your order.

  • Electronic Cup Warmer: Ensures every coffee is served in a pre-warmed cup, elevating the drinking experience.
  • “Tall-Cup” Version for 135 mm Tall Cups: Accommodates larger cups, catering to all customer preferences.
  • Cappuccinatore or Manual Milk Frother: Elevates milk-based coffee drinks, giving baristas tools for creamy perfection.


Version 2 Groups Automatic 3 Groups Automatic
Dimensions inches31.3 x 21 x 19.7 in (L, W, H)40.8 x 21 x 19.7 in (L, W, H)
Weight Lbs176.4 lbs216 lbs
Boiler capacity11 liter / 372 oz17 liter / 575 oz
Electricity 110 Volt
/ 60HZ – EU standard
2400 Watt, 2700 Watt
Electricity 220-240 Volt
/ 50-60 HZ – US standard
2400 Watt, 2700 Watt,
3500 Watt, 4500 Watt
4500 Watt, 5400 Watt

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Magister EEG ES Commercial Espresso Machines - 2 & 3 Groups Automatic