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Free Professional Installation with Your Espresso Machine Purchas

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How Our Hassle-Free Installation Works:

  1. Shipping to Service Provider: Your new or used espresso machine is shipped directly to a local, manufacturer-recommended service provider.
  2. Preparation Coordination: Before installation, our team (or the manufacturer’s team) will guide you to prepare your space. We’ll provide all necessary specifications and checklists.
  3. Installation Scheduling: Once your space meets the requirements, we’ll schedule and complete the installation at no extra cost.
  4. Enjoy Your Machine: Start brewing with your professionally installed espresso machine.

Value of Installation Package: Our package covers up to $500 in services by a certified technician, including travel.

General Pre-Installation Requirements:

  • Proper plumbing, drainage, and electrical setups as per the manufacturer’s specs.
  • Water filtration must be in place (not included in our package).

Please Note:

  • Extra Charges: If no technician is available nearby, travel charges apply. Installations outside regular business hours (Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM) also incur additional fees.
  • Preparation is Key: Installation doesn’t include general construction services (like wiring or drilling). Make sure your site is ready as per the checklist to avoid a $100 False-Start Installation Attempt Fee.
  • Professional Use Only: Our equipment is for trained personnel. Installation by a certified technician with proper water filtration is necessary for warranty validation.

What’s Included in the $500 Package:

  • Travel and labor for installation (within covered areas).
  • Setup and basic programming of the machine.
  • Installations during regular business hours.
  • Applicable taxes and fees.

What’s Not Included:

  • Costs beyond $500 (like extra travel).
  • Water filtration systems.
  • Extra installation materials (plumbing fittings, tubing, etc.).
  • Equipment training.

Key Requirements for Installation Day:

  • Plumbing, drainage, and electrical setups completed.
  • Required water filtration system in place.


  • The package doesn’t cover general construction tasks.
  • This service is added automatically to eligible machines in your cart. If it’s not included, it’s not applicable for that machine.