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Nespresso Vertuo vs. Original Pods & Machines – Ultimate Comparison for 2024

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Nespresso Vertuo machines produce more drink types, have more features, and extract more flavors than Original Line machines.

However, they have a higher cost per pod and don’t have third-party pods available. Read on to find a deeper comparison.

I love using Nespresso machines, but I had difficulty choosing between Nesspresso’s Vertuo and Original machines. I wrote this guide to help you in case you’re conflicted.

I’ll cover the differences between Vertuo Line (VL) and Original Line (OL) pods and machines. You’ll also learn what they are, and then I’ll recommend good machines from both lines.

Here is an overview:

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways

  • Vertuo Line pods can cost up to more than 85% than Original pods.
  • Vertuo Line pods produce coffee and espresso drinks; Original Line only produces espresso.
  • Vertuo machines produce more crema and extract more flavors due to using Centrifusion technology.
  • Vertuo Line machines (on average) cost less than Original Line devices.
  • Vertuo machines offer more features.

Nespresso Vertuo vs. Original Machines

Here are the main differences between Nespresso Vertuo Line and their Original Line machines:

Vertuo PodsOriginal Pods
Best ForAffordable espressoDrink variety and serving guests
Milk FrotherYes (1 model)Yes (1 model)
Brewing ProcessCentrifusion19 bars of pressure
Drink Sizes40 ml, 80 ml, 150 ml, 230 ml, and 535 ml25 ml, 40 ml, and 110 ml
Machine Cost$129–$749$179–$1,299
Machine Variety7 models8 models

Vertuo Line machines offer more drink sizes and cheaper machines than their Original Line counterparts. The former uses Centrifusion technology, which results in a thicker crema and a more flavorful drink.

I’ll explain what this technology is and how it works in a few sections.

The sections before and after it will emphasize on the points in the table.

Let’s dive in.

1. Who They’re Good For

Nespresso Vertuo Line machines are best for folks who want a variety of coffee beverages due to their coffee and espresso offerings. They’re also better for serving guests since they have 535 ml options (carafe) available.

Original Line machines are best for serving single drinks and affordability. The machines aren’t as affordable as their counterparts, but you’ll save more on capsule costs over time with OL products.

Thus, these machines work better for folks who want espresso or are trying to save money. For instance, a student living in a dorm who wants to save money on coffee would benefit the most from Original machines.

Both machines are optimal for folks who want to brew a high(ish)-quality cup of coffee quickly with minimal preparation and cleanup. Hence, why I’d choose it over most other coffee maker types.

How are the milk frothers on these machines?

Summary: Get a Vertuo Line machine if you want variety. Opt for Original Line devices to save money and for solely drinking espresso.

2. Milk Frothers

Both lines of models have a single model with a milk frother. There are the Original Lattissima models and the Vertuo Lattissima. Both variations have milk frothers that function in the same way.

But the Original Lattissima models include a cleaning notification. It takes the guesswork out of knowing when to clean your machine.

If you want more control of your milk’s froth, both lines offer Creatista models. These models include steam wands, which provide more control over your milk’s texture. And they allow you to make latte art.

Models from both lines also offer various milk settings (e.g., temperature and texture), programmed recipes, stainless steel casing, and other features. These are the most expensive models Nespresso offers, though.

If you don’t want to get a Lattissima or Creatista model, froth the milk yourself. We have a guide on that. Or you could get a Nespresso Aeroccino.

Nothing special about it other than that it’ll automatically froth your milk.

You could save more money than getting a Lattissima by buying a bundle with a Nespresso model and an Aeroccino. It depends on what deals are going on when you’re reading this.

How do these machines work?

Summary:  Both lines have a model that includes a milk frother.

3. Brewing Process

Brewing processes for each machine:

  • Vertuo (Centrifusion): Adjusts brewing parameters based on the capsule used.
  • Original (19 bars of pressure): Blasts 19 bars of water pressure through the Nespresso capsules.

Nespresso Vertuo’s Centrifusion technology reads each capsule’s barcode using infrared scanners to tailors brewing parameters such:

  • Temperature
  • Water volume
  • Grind size
  • Coffee type
  • Crema
  • Coffee/water contact time

From there, the machine produces coffee based on those parameters.

It spins the capsule at up to 7,000 RPM, forcing water through at precise pressure to extract every drop. This high-speed swirling forces water through the coffee grounds, squeezing out every bit of flavor and aroma.

In contrast, the Original Line uses the same high pressure (19 bars) for every capsule. It’s ideal for classic espresso-based drinks but less versatile for larger cups.

OL machines will puncture the tops and bottoms of the pods and blast a high amount of pressure through them. There’s no barcode to read. Thus, every drink will use the same brewing parameters.

Both machines use thermoblock tanks to heat your water. If you compare these to espresso machines, they allow you to heat the machine quickly like dual boilers. But don’t allow you to froth milk and heat the water simultaneously.

It’s like a better version of a single boiler.

Check out the different drink sizes both lines offer.

Summary: Centrifusion customizes drink’s brewing parameters according to a barcode on the pod. Original Line machine uses 19 bars of pressure.

4. Available Drink Sizes

Vertuo PodsOriginal Pods
40 ml, 80 ml, 150 ml, 230 ml, and 535 ml25 ml, 40 ml, and 110 ml

The Nespresso Vertuo machines produce the following drink sizes:

  • Espresso (40 ml)
  • Double espresso—doppio (80 ml)
  • Grand lungo (150 ml)
  • Cafe (230 ml)
  • Carafe (535 ml)

The carafe and cafe sizes are meant for serving black coffee due to their bigger size. The former is better for serving large groups of people since you have such a large vessel. The latter is better for individuals to drink.

Most coffee machines will include warming plates or steel carafes to keep the coffee hot. But Nespresso Vertuo machines don’t. Thus, it’s better to drink this coffee quickly if you want a hot beverage.

You’ll need to get the right pods to get these varying sizes. Looking at Vertuo pods, you’ll notice that some are larger than others. Their smaller pods produce up to 230 ml of coffee. Their larger pods will brew 355–535 ml.

Then, of course, you have their espresso and lungo pods. The former is much smaller than the latter.

Prices fluctuate and seem to remain consistent throughout the 355–535 ml pods. You’ll pay the most for the larger pods. But the prices for espresso and lungo pods are low and high.

Nespresso Original Line machines offer these sizes:

  • Ristretto (25 ml): Concentrated espresso shot.
  • Espresso (40 ml): Regular espresso shot.
  • Lungo (110 ml): Long, watered-down espresso shot.

I’m sure you can tell that Original Line machines are meant for producing variations of espresso. Thus, you’ll get the 3 most common espresso sizes. These machines are better for single-serve coffee.

All Nespresso Original pods are the same size, even if they support different cup sizes. For instance, the Cape Town “Lungo” only supports 110 ml, but is the same size as the Miami Espresso flavor. The latter brews 25 and 40 ml cups.

Size isn’t all that matters. There’s also the cost.

5. Machine Cost

Vertuo MachinesOriginal Machines

The lowest-price machines the Original Line offers are around 32% more expensive than they Vertuo’s cheapest model. These prices can fluctuate, thus, these numbers may not be true when you’re reading.

OL models in their intermediate and high-end categories are also pricier than their Vertuo counterparts. However, regarding high-end products, Original Line offers more variety with their Creatista models than Vertuo.

I’ll expand upon this in the next section.

Summary: On average, Vertuo Line machines are cheaper than Original Line devices.

6. Machine Variety

Vertuo PodsOriginal Pods
Models Available78

You’ll find more options for the Lattissima and Creatista models in the Original Line than the Vertuo. Thus, you’ll have more pricing options, feature choices, and functionality.

Most of the color choices will come from each line’s most affordable models—Vertuo Pop+ and the Essenza Mini. Their other models don’t offer many color options.

All the devices, no matter the line, will include these features:

  • 25-second heat-up time: Great for saving time.
  • Energy-saving mode: Good for saving electricity.
  • Recyclable aluminum capsules: More of a design choice.

Every Vertuo Line machine will also include a descaling alert, a feature few of the OL models have. It’ll tell you when to descale your machine, which is helpful in maintenance since it’s something that’s critical to do.

Keep reading to learn the differences between Nespresso VL and OL pods.

Nespresso Vertuo vs. Original Pods

Here are the main differences between Nespresso Vertuo pods and their Original ones:

Vertuo PodsOriginal Pods
FlavorExtracts more flavorWeaker taste
Environmental ImpactSomeSome
Drinks they MakeEspresso and coffeeEspresso
CremaThicker and more aromaticMore mousse-like
Caffeine Content (Per Cup)60–200 mg40–130 mg

Pods that are compatible with the Original Line machines are cheaper than Vertuo Line pods, but don’t produce as flavorful of a drink. They also don’t have as much crema. However, they have less caffeine.

Dive deeper into the pros and cons of each line’s pods.

Pros & Cons of Nespresso Original Pods


  • Generally cheaper than Vertuo Pods.
  • More authentic espresso experience with pressure-based extraction.
  • Wider range of coffee options and prices, as you aren’t tied into Nespresso-branded pods.

Nespresso Original Line pods are more authentic than their Vertuo counterparts due to using bars of pressure as an extraction method like traditional espresso machines. You’ll also find other brands that offer capsules that are compatible with these machines.


  • Only suitable for espresso or espresso-based drinks, not ideal for making large coffee drinks.
  • Not that flavorful.

OL machines don’t extract as much flavor as Vertuo Line devices due to using the same brewing parameters on every drink. They’re also ideal for brewing espresso beverages due to using smaller pods.

Pros & Cons of Nespresso Vertuo Pods


  • Can make larger coffee drinks, catering to those who prefer bigger cups.
  • Makes black coffee and espresso.

VL devices can make black coffee and espresso, making it an exceptional choice for anyone who wants options. They also offer way more drink sizes. Thus, you could entertain guests if needed.


  • Limited variety compared to Nespresso Original Pods, as you are tied to Nespresso-branded pods.
  • More expensive than Original pods. 

While they have more options, there aren’t Vertuo-compatible pods that other brands offer due to their barcode reading technology on these machines. And because of that, Nespresso can corner the market and charge more per pod.

Summary: Nespresso Original Line pods are cheaper than Vertuo pods, but don’t produce as high of quality drinks or crema.

1. Price Per Capsule

Cost *Vertuo PodsOriginal Pods
Average Pod$0.98–$2.00/ea.$0.80–$1.10/ea.
Espresso$0.98–$1.05 /ea.$0.80/ea.
Barista Creations$0.98–$1.25/ea.$0.80–$0.95/ea.
Per Month *$58.80–$120$48–$66

* Source [1]

** If you drink 2 “Average Pods” daily for 30 days a month.

Nespresso Vertuo pods can cost up to more than 85% than Original pods. Their espresso pods cost a little more than 27% than the Original ones as well.

Why, though?

This is why:

  • No competition: Since there aren’t third-party Vertuo pods, Nespresso corners the market and can charge what they want.
  • Size and volume: They come in larger pods and can serve more coffee.
  • Technology: Vertuo machines use Centrifusion technology, which adds complexity to the machine.
  • Variety of drinks: Makes coffee and espresso instead of just espresso.

Before you call me a liar, I know there are reusable lids for the Vertuo pods. However, they aren’t legitimate third-party competitors like Nespresso has for their Original pods. For instance, Lavazza offers capsules that are compatible with Nespresso Original machines.

And they cost $0.67 per capsule (on average). That’s $0.13 cheaper than the cheapest Nespresso Original pods.

But Nespresso Original pods have fewer drinks and size variety than the Vertuo ones.

If you’re after black coffee, you’re better off getting a drip coffee maker to save money. It’ll cost you around $0.62 per cup—depending on the type of bean used. If you use cheap, crappy beans, you’ll pay much less.

However, if you’re after convenience for brewing black coffee, you’ll want a Vertuo. Original pods will give you cheaper espresso drinks than Vertuo, making it the better option.

Depending on the type of flavor you want.

Summary: Nespresso Vertuo Line pods cost more per serving than Original pods.

2. Flavor

Nespresso Vertuo machines produce drinks with more flavor than Original Line devices due to their use of Centrifusion technology. I’ll talk more about how the technology works later. In short, it tailors every parameter of coffee brewing based on the pod used.

Original pods don’t have such complex technology, which gives you “okay”-tasting drinks. Despite not using 19 bars of pressure, the Vertuo machine provides drinks that taste more like traditional espresso.

That’s partially due to the machine extracting more flavors and aroma. The longer brewing time mimics how French press devices work.

What about crema? We’ll talk about that later, as well.

Regarding flavor availability, both lines offer plenty of options. Whether you want single-origin, Italian-like espresso, or capsules that work well for milk recipes, 

Do you care about the environment? Let’s see whether each shot is environmentally friendly.

Summary: Nespresso Vertuo pods produce a more flavorful drink due to extracting more flavor.

3. Impact on the Environment

Original LineVertuo Line
Rainforest Alliance CertifiedYesYes
Fair TradeYesSome
Reusable Capsules AvailableYesSort of

UTZ certification, which means “good coffee” and determines whether companies have good agricultural practices, farm management, and the environment. However, they’re a part of the Rainforest Alliance [2].

According to Nespresso’s Fair Trade page, they have 2 capsules—one from each line—that are Fair Trade Certified [3]. However, they don’t specify whether the rest of their capsules are certified.

Fair Trade Certified is a label that guarantees that products have been sourced, from farm to shelf, in a sustainable and responsible manner. They are also Rainforest Alliance Certified, which is a similar certification.

I found a single Vertuo Line pod that’s organic. And couldn’t find any Original Line ones. If they were organic, they wouldn’t be as profitable.

Do you hate genetically modified organisms (GMO)? Don’t worry. None of Nespresso’s coffee has any [4].

The biggest impact you could make to help the environment (or your wallet) is to opt for reusable pods. Nespresso machines will only accept Vertuo pods. Thus, there are no reusable variations.

However, there’s a way around this. By using reusable lids. These are a pain to add to your pods, though. Because you’ll need to peel off the previous lid, then add the new one. They also cost around $0.11 per lid.

You’ll save money on Vertuo pods, but many of these lids likely aren’t high quality (allegedly). Since most of them are from unknown manufacturers.

I sort of lied. I have seen reusable Vertuo pods on Amazon, but their reliability is questionable. Many folks complain about them producing weak, watery coffee. And there’s no way the Centrifusion technology can read a pod’s barcode. How will it know how to brew?

You’ll find plenty of reusable pods for Original Line devices that don’t rely on single-use lids. I’ve also found more trustworthy vendors for these. Yes, these have plastic. Yes, they’re BPA-free. And yeah, they’re a bit pricey per pod—more than $2 per pod.

But they’ll save you a lot of money in the long run. So long as you grind your own beans. Or buy them pre-ground.

What kind of drinks can these pods produce? Read on to find out.

Summary: Neither pod type is more environmentally-friendly.

4. Drinks They Produce


  • Original Line: Espresso
  • Vertuo Line: Coffee and espresso

† Read this to learn the differences between Nespresso and espresso.

Vertuo pod sizes between 230 and 535 will produce black coffee. Their 40 ml will make solo espresso shots. 80 will make a doppio—double shot. And their 150-milliliter pods will make “Gran Lungo,” or watered-down shots.

Original Line pods will produce solely espresso in different sizes. 25 milliliters will result in ristretto (concentrated) espresso. 40 milliliters will produce regular espresso shots. And 110 milliliters will make lungo shots.

All of their drinks will have crema. Which machine makes better crema?

6. Crema Quality

Vertuo Line machines produce espresso with a much thicker crema and more aroma than Original machines. That’s thanks to Centrifusion technology—again, I’ll expand on this comment later.

Original Line crema has a thinner, more mousse-like crema similar to traditional espresso. If you love the mouthfeel of traditional espresso, you’ll love crema from Original machines more.

Let’s talk about the caffeine content in each line of pods.

7. Caffeine Content

Vertuo PodsOriginal Pods
Caffeine Content (Per Cup) ‡60–200 mg40–130 mg

‡ Source [5]

Nespresso Vertuo pods, on average, have more caffeine content per cup than Original pods. This likely comes from the fact that Vertuo pods result in more coffee. Hence, more caffeine.

That’s all for machine comparison. Let’s check out some great machines both lines offer.

Best Nespresso Models From Each Lineup

I’ll compare various Nespresso Original and Vertuo models throughout the following sections.

Best Nespresso Original Machines

Here are the machines I’ll cover throughout the next few sections:

We’ll dive into each machine’s specs, pros and cons, who they’re best for, and an explanation of design choices or features (if relevant).

Let’s go.

1. Nespresso Creatista Plus: Best Overall

nespresso creatista plus
Dimensions12 × 6.7 × 15.4 in (D, W, H)
Capsule Container Capacity12
Milk FrotherYes
Water Capacity50.7 fl oz = 10 cups


  • Offers more control over milk foam.
  • Capable of frothing milk automatically.
  • Stainless steel casing.


  • More expensive than other Original Line machines.

The Nespresso Creatista Plus is best for anyone who wants the most “authentic” espresso-making experience possible with a Nespresso machine.

That’s because this machine includes a steam wand, what’s typically used for espresso machines. This component allows you more control over your milk’s texture. But it does have automation—in a good way.

You can set the milk’s temperature and texture. The machine will then automatically froth your milk per your parameters. Also, a temperature sensor beneath your cup kills the steam power once it reaches that temperature.

It’ll prevent you from burning your milk.

The machine has a stainless steel body. It’s much more durable than the cheap, plastic bodies most Nespresso machines have. 

Then, there’s a touchscreen LCD screen with a bunch of recipes. You select one of the recipes, and it’ll automatically brew based on whatever’s selected. For instance, it’ll change temperatures and milk frothing settings if you choose a flat white.

This machine isn’t the most affordable OL device with a milk frother. Here’s an alternative.

2. Nespresso Lattissima One: Best Machine With a Milk Frother

nespresso lattissima one
Dimensions12.7 × 6.1 × 10.1 in (D, W, H)
Capsule Container Capacity8
Milk FrotherYes
Water Capacity33.8 fl oz = 6 cups


  • Easy to set up
  • Descaling notification.


  • Casing feels cheap.
  • Frother isn’t of the highest quality.

The Nespresso Lattissima One is a fantastic choice for anyone needing a single-serve machine that’ll automatically froth milk. Meanwhile, you won’t mind sacrificing the control the Creatista offers to save time.

Plug the machine in, power it on, and brew coffee. It has such a simple setup that a toddler could probably do for you. That’s great for folks who don’t want to spend much time setting up their coffee maker.

Unlike most Original Line machines, this one includes a descaling notification. That’s a helpful feature because it lets you know when to describe your machine. And it’s essential to descale your machine.

Otherwise, it won’t have a long lifespan due to scale buildup, ruining the components and your coffee’s taste.

It has a cheap-feeling plastic case like most Nespresso machines. They likely had this design choice to cut expenses. This shouldn’t give you any issues unless you’re the type who likes smacking your coffee makers.

Considering it’s a Nespresso machine, you won’t have the highest-quality milk froth. Since you don’t have control over your milk’s temperature and texture, it won’t have as good quality as milk frothed from a steam wand.

Or you could froth the milk yourself. We have a separate guide on that.

If you’re going this route, you might as well get a machine that doesn’t include a milk frother.

3. Nespresso Essenza Mini: Most Affordable Machine

nespresso essenza mini
Dimensions3.3 × 12 × 8.03 in (D, W, H)
Capsule Container Capacity6
Milk FrotherNo
Water Capacity20 fl oz = 3 cups


  • Offers 2 programmable cup sizes.
  • Compact design saves counter space.


  • Lacks a milk frother.

The Nespresso Essenza Mini is an ideal “espresso” machine for folks who want to save money and don’t mind solely drinking Americanos or just espresso shots.

This machine doesn’t include a milk frother, which will bring down its cost. If you read the last couple of paragraphs of the previous section, there are other ways to froth milk without a milk frother.

Will you get high-quality frothed milk? Likely not. If you’re trying to save money or don’t care about taste and mouthfeel, this is the way.

And if you don’t froth milk, Nespresso offers plenty of flavors to make it so your beverage isn’t dull. For instance, their CHIARO capsule has a sweet, acid-free taste. Thus, you won’t need milk.

Its compact design makes it an optimal choice for folks living in college dorms or offices. They’re also a godsend for small kitchens without much counter space.

I might have scared you away from Original Line machines. Let’s see what the Vertuo models are like.

Best Nespresso Vertuo Machines

Here are all the VL models we’ll cover:

You’ll see each machine’s specifications, advantages and disadvantages, who they’re good for, and whether their features and design choices justify their purchase.

Let’s go.

1. Nespresso Vertuo Creatista: Best Overall

nespresso vertuo creatista single serve coffee maker espresso machine bve850bss
Dimensions16.4 × 9.6 × 12.7 in (D, W, H)
Capsule Container Capacity10 small / 6 large
Milk FrotherYes
Water Capacity67.6 fl oz = 11 6-fl oz cups


  • Customizable milk settings
  • Stainless steel body


  • Requires a significant amount of counter space due to its size.
  • Hard to close

The Nespresso Vertuo Creatista works best for anyone who wants more control over their frothed milk and has a bigger budget to blow on a more premium machine.

The steam wand is the star of the show with the Creatista since it gives you more control over your milk froth’s texture. You get even more control because it gives you 3 choices over the milk’s temperature and texture.

The latter settings give you 3 different texture levels that’ll make cappuccinos, latte macchiatos, and flat whites. And the frother will automatically stop frothing once you hit a specific temperature. That’s because it includes a temperature sensor.

It requires force to open the pod lid. I wouldn’t get this device if you, or someone else using this device, has conditions like arthritis or wrist issues. Because you (or them) will have difficulty closing the lid.

It also requires a decent amount of counter space due to its size. Not ideal for folks with small kitchens.

Do you want to pay less for a Nespresso Vertuo machine with a milk frother? Check out the following recommendation.

2. Nespresso Vertuo Lattissima: Best Machine With a Milk Frother

delonghi nespresso vertuo lattissima white
Dimensions7.4 × 16 × 12.4 in
Capsule Container Capacity10 small / 6 large
Milk FrotherYes
Water Capacity54 fl oz = 9 cups


  • Adjustable cup holder stand
  • Will automatically make lattes and cappuccinos


  • Must brew coffee in order to make milk

The Nespresso Vertuo Lattissima is an excellent device for folks who don’t mind sacrificing control over their frothed milk for automation.

There’s no option to change your milk’s texture or temperature, as with the Creatista Vertuo. Thus, you can’t make flat whites. However, it has a cappuccino and a latte button, making it great for folks who like those drinks.

It’ll automatically make these drinks for you once you press a button. No other steps required. And once you’re done brewing, place an empty cup under the milk dispenser and twist the knob to the “rinse” option. From there, it’ll spray out any milk stuck in the nozzle.

You can’t brew the milk separately from the coffee. You must brew a cup of coffee to use the milk frother. That’s not great for folks wanting to froth milk for other purposes (e.g., tea).

The adjustable cup holder stand is nice for anyone wanting various cup sizes. One day you could put a travel mug. And the next, you could brew an espresso shot.

It’s also metal, which isn’t common on Vertuo machines. Most Vertuo models have plastic cup holders. There’s not much benefit to the metal other than its being more durable. Thus, you won’t need to worry about it breaking.

What if you don’t want to brew milk-based drinks at all? Then, opt for the cheapest model.

3. Nespresso Vertuo Pop+: Most Affordable Vertuo Machine

nespresso vertuo pop deluxe coffee and espresso machine by breville titan
Dimensions14 × 8.6 × 10.4 in (D, W, H)
Capsule Container Capacity5–8
Milk FrotherNo
Water Capacity20.2 fl oz = 4 cups


  • Affordable
  • Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Small water tank that’s a pain to access.
  • Bluetooth connectivity isn’t practical

The Nespresso Vertuo Pop+ is a great device for someone who wants to save money on their initial investment in a Vertuo machine.

Whoever gets this machine must ensure they don’t mind only drinking black coffee or pure espresso shots.

Even if you don’t have a milk frother, you’ll find plenty of Vertuo pods with a sweet, creamy taste. For instance, you won’t regret drinking the ALTISSIO for espresso. Or the VIVIDA for coffee.

Do you love connecting your devices to Bluetooth? Good. Because you can do that with this machine to get notifications on when to descale your machine. That’s where the usefulness ends.

You can’t operate your machine with the Nespresso app. But you can use the app to BUY more Nespresso products and get tips that you totally can’t find on the internet.

Otherwise, this machine is a bare-bones Nespresso Vertuo model. It’s great for saving money and nothing else.

You might find yourself curious about Nespresso’s history.

Nespresso Machine History

Here are some key milestones in Nespresso’s machine history:

  • 1986: First Nespresso machines introduced, resembling traditional espresso machines.
  • 1990: Partnership with Turmix marks the start of wider machine distribution.
  • 2000: First Nespresso boutique opens in Paris, establishing a unique brand experience.
  • 2007: First Lattissima model released.
  • 2014: First Vertuo machine released.

Nespresso, a unit of Nestlé, introduced their first Original models in 1986, the C-100 and the C-1100 [6]. In 1990, they partnered with Turmix—a Swiss appliance brand—to sell machines that were made in Switzerland. This partnership expanded their machines’ popularity.

This duo led to Nespresso signing contracts with other companies like Alessi, Philips, De’Longhi, and Krups. Expanding their reach further.

In 2000, they opened their first boutique as a concept store in Paris, France. Opening the door to the more than 700 boutiques Nespresso has today.

7 years later, Nespresso released their first machine with a milk frother, the Lattissima. This allowed folks to have a machine that produces single-serve drinks and automatically frothed milk.

However, the first Vertuo model wasn’t released until 7 years later (2014). During this time, they also exceeded 400 boutiques in many countries. And they focused more on being eco-friendly in how they source and recycle aluminum.

Their history from thereon involves improving their recycling program and increasing their machine production.

I hope you can now choose a good Nespresso machine to buy. Thanks for reading.


Nespresso Vertuo Line machines produce better-tasting coffee due to having a thicker crema and the ability to extract more flavors using its Centrifusion technology. Original pods are cheaper and will provide more of an “authentic” espresso-making experience, though.

What if you’re after other types of single-serve coffee machines? Then you should check out our recommendations.

If you’re considering a Keurig, you should read how they compare to Nespresso machines.

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