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A Guide To Finding Out Which Keurig Model You Have

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This guide will show you where to find your Keurig’s serial number and how it’ll tell you the model you own. Keep reading to learn more.

As a Keurig owner and someone forgetful, I often want to know what model I have for troubleshooting. That inspired me to write this guide.

I’ll explain how to find your device’s serial number and ways to use that number to figure out your device model.

Here is an overview:

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways

  • Find serial numbers on the bottom, side, or back of your Keurig machine.
  • Locations of your serial number will depend on your water tank’s placement.
  • The sticker with the device number will look like this: S/N: 5xx.xxxx.xxxxxxx.
  • Register your device or contact customer service and provide a serial number to find out the device model.

How to Figure out Which Keurig Model You Have With the Serial Number

Use one of the following methods to figure out which Keurig model you have:

  • Register device
  • Contact customer support

I’ll explain how to do each of these methods throughout the following sections.

You could also type your device’s serial number into Google. For instance, I typed “Keurig 501.3PP1.0001665” into Google and the K-Classic appeared in the search results. This method may not work on every device, though.

But the results will show images. If they match your device, then your Google search was successful.

Anyway. Let’s check out the first method.

1. Register Your Device

Visit Keurig’s website and enter the following information to register your brewer [1]:

  • Serial number
  • Your first and last name
  • Email address
  • Password (for account)
  • Where it was purchased
  • Date when purchased
  • “Have you used a different single-serve brewer during the past year?”

After registering and logging in, you’ll see what model you have.

Is it necessary to register?

Registering activates the product warranty. This step safeguards against unexpected repair costs, offering peace of mind.

If you bought a second-hand device, the previous owner may have already registered it.

In that scenario, try this method.

2. Contact Keurig Support

Contact Keurig by using one of the following methods and ask their customer support what your model number is:

Ensure you have your serial number ready to let them know.

I don’t recommend this method, though. Because you’ll have to wait to speak to their customer support. Use it as a last resort, though.

Wait, you don’t have your serial number, yet? Let’s fix that.

Where to Find Your Keurig’s Serial Number (Home Machines)

Here’s a summary of where you’ll find your Keurig’s serial number on the machine [2]:

When you have the serial number, follow the first step above.

BottomSide (Behind Tank)Rear (Behind Tank)Behind Drip Tray
K-Duo PlusK-ClassicK-IcedK-Classic
K15K-Express EssentialsK-Latte
K-Supreme PlusK-Supreme SMARTK-Compact
K-Mini PlusK-caféK-Duo
K-Supreme Plus SMARTK-café Barista BarK-Slim
K-Mini BasicK-SelectK-Slim + ICED
K2.0 K400 SeriesK2.0 K200 Series
K-Iced PlusK-Duo Plus
K-café Special EditionK-Express
K-EliteK-café SMART
K2.0 K500 Series
K-Iced Essentials

When looking in these areas for the serial number, you’re looking for a sticker that says “S/N,” then a string of numbers. The number format will look like this: 5xx.xxxx.xxxxxxx [3].

The following sections will regurgitate the information found in the table above. But if you find the table as too hard to read, then these will make it easier on the eyes.

Let’s dive in.

1. Bottom of the Machine

Empty your machine’s water reservoir and remove the water tank to prevent spillage. From there, rest the machine on its back, and you’ll see its serial number on a sticker on the bottom of your device.

Models where you’ll find the serial number on the machine’s bottom include:

K-Duo PlusK-Supreme PlusK-Supreme Plus SMART
K15K-Mini PlusK-Mini Basic

If you don’t see such a sticker on the bottom of your machine, you don’t have any of the above models.

Let’s try a different location.

2. Behind Water Reservoir on Machine’s Back

Some Keurig models have removable water reservoirs on the back of the machine. This is where you’ll find the serial number. Lift the water tank to remove it.

Models where you’ll find the number on the machine’s back behind the reservoir include:

K-IcedK-Slim + ICED
K-LatteK2.0 K200 Series
K-CompactK-Duo Plus
K-SlimK-café SMART

If the water reservoir is on your machine’s side, you’ll need to check the next method.

3. Behind Water Reservoir on Machine’s Side: Or the Front

If your water tank is located on your machine’s side, remove it to find the serial number there.

Models where you’ll find the serial number on the machine’s side behind the water tank include:

K-Classic (side or front)K-SelectK-Elite
K-Express EssentialsK2.0 K400 SeriesK2.0 K500 Series
K-Supreme SMARTK-Iced PlusK-Supreme
K-caféK-café Special EditionK-Iced Essentials
K-café Barista Bar


If your machine is a K-Classic, you’ll find the serial number in 2 places. On the side of the machine behind the water tank or behind the Drip Tray. If you removed the side of your water tank and didn’t find a sticker there, pull out your drip tray.

You should immediately see your serial number after removing it.

Did you not find the serial number when checking all the above methods? Perhaps you have a commercial machine.

Where to Find Keurig Serial Number (Commercial Coffee Makers)

The following sections will explain where to find serial numbers on different commercial Keurig coffee machines.

I can’t summarize the information into an easy-to-read table like with the home K-Cup makers because the locations aren’t so cut-and-dry. Thus, you’ll need to read through each section.

Keep reading to learn more.

1. K4000: Under Powder Hood

Lift the powder hopper hood—the compartment on the right side of the machine. From there, you should see the serial number on the left side of the machine.

If you’re asking yourself “what compartment?”, then you don’t have a K4000.

2. K3000 & K3500: Behind Pod Bin

Pull the drip tray forward and remove the pod bin. You’ll find the serial number on the back wall of the coffee maker behind where the bin was.

Does your machine not have a pod bin? Let’s keep looking.

3. K2500: Behind Drain Tubes

Open the panel on the back of your coffee maker that would usually give you access to your machine’s drain tubes. From there, you should see the serial number behind the drain tubes.

No drain tube access? Keep reading…

4. K150, K150P, K155, & OfficePRO Premier: Behind Trip Tray or Machine

You’ll find the serial number in one of the following locations of these machines:

  1. Behind the Drip Tray (older models): Remove the drip tray, and you’ll see the sticker on your machine.
  2. Back of your machine: You’ll see a sticker when turning your machine around.

If you don’t see the SN in one spot, try the other. Otherwise, you don’t have either machine.

5. K140, K145, & OfficePRO: Machine’s Rear

The sticker’s on the back of your coffee machine. In this scenario, you may confuse it with models from the previous tier.

You’ll need another way to determine what model you own. Google any of these models, register your device, or contact Keurig’s customer service and tell them your machine’s serial number.

Here’s a machine that isn’t so confusing.

6. K-Suite: Under the Machine

Empty your machine’s water tank and remove it (if possible). Place the machine on its back, and you’ll find the serial number on the bottom of your machine if you have this model.

If it’s not there, here’s one more device to consider.

7. K1500: Machine’s Side

Lift the water reservoir on the side of your machine and you’ll find the serial number.

If the serial numbers aren’t in any of the locations mentioned, you likely don’t have a commercial machine. If you have a secondhand one, perhaps the previous owner removed the sticker.

What is Each Keurig Model?

I listed all the models above yet didn’t provide more information for each. I did all that in a separate guide. Read it to see what your device is capable of.

I didn’t want to waste your time by having to scroll through a bunch of nonsense that’s not related to this post.

That’s all. Thanks for reading.

FAQs for Keurig Models

Keep reading to find frequently asked questions about Keurig coffee makers.

Why is my Keurig Serial Number Not Working When Registering?

Ensure you enter numbers in the following format when registering, “xx.xxxx.xxxxxxx.” Do not add a third period.


Find your home or commercial Keurig coffee maker’s serial number below or behind your device. If it’s not there, check other areas like behind water reservoirs and the drip tray.

Want to learn more about troubleshooting Keurig coffee makers? Check out our other guides.

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