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9 Best Office Coffee Makers in 2024

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This is a review of the best coffee makers for offices. Read on to improve your productivity and get more done.

Being someone with a home office, I’ve struggled to find a coffee maker that won’t take too much time out of my work. Hence, why I built this list.

I chose the Nespresso Vertuo Next Premium as the top pick because of its compact size, fast heating time, and automatic power-off feature. All those combined make this machine viable in most office environments.

nespresso vertuo next premium

Breville Nespresso Vertuo Next Premium: Best Overall

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 16.8 × 5.5 × 12.4 in (D, W, H)
  • Water Capacity: 37 fl oz = 7 cups
  • Machine Type: Capsule coffee maker
  • Material: Plastic & stainless steel
  • Carafe Material: NA
  • Warranty: 1 year

You may not care for the features included, the price, or that it’s a capsule coffee maker. You’ll find alternatives throughout this piece.

Read on to learn more.

9 Best Coffee Makers for Offices

  1. Nespresso Vertuo Premium: Best Overall
  2. Nespresso Creatista Pro: Best Splurge
  3. Hamilton Beach 2-Way: Best for Beginners
  4. Cuisinart Grind & Brew Plus: Built-in Grinder
  5. Keurig K3500: Includes Plumbing Line Connection
  6. Keurig K2500: Best Commercial Office Maker
  7. Ninja DualBrew Pro: Best for Home Use
  8. Keurig K-Slim: Best for Office Desk
  9. Bonavita 5 Cup Drip Coffee Maker Machine: Best Maker, UK

Top 9 Coffee Office Coffee Makers

You’ll need to consider the machine’s size, features, and cleanup to have a great coffee machine for offices. Most devices on this list have all of those. However, I had to stray from 1 or 2 of these criteria to include machines for more use cases.

Let’s check out the first pick.

1. Breville Nespresso Vertuo Next Premium: Best Overall

nespresso vertuo next premium
Dimensions16.8 × 5.5 × 12.4 in (D, W, H)
Water Capacity37 fl oz = 7 cups
Machine TypeCapsule coffee maker
MaterialPlastic & stainless steel
Carafe MaterialNA
Warranty1 year


  • Automatically powers off.
  • Compact.
  • Various cup sizes supported.


  • Lid isn’t easy to close.
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity isn’t too practical.

The Nespresso Vertuo Next Premium is ideal for coffee enthusiasts craving versatility and convenience.

A pod coffee maker offers simplicity and speed. You insert a capsule, press a button, and receive a perfect brew. This process suits offices excellently, minimizing preparation time and user error.

Before proceeding, you should know how the Vertuo machines differ from the Original line. The Original devices only support brewing espresso. Whereas, its counterpart brews espresso and black coffee in the following sizes:

  • Espresso: 1.35 fl oz
  • Lungo: 2.7 fl oz
  • Mug: 5 fl oz
  • Alto: 8 fl oz
  • Carafe: 18 fl oz

If you look further into this machine, you’ll also find Vertuo Next and Vertuo Next Deluxe models. These models share the same size, cable length, capsule container capacity, and general features. The main difference is that it includes an Aeroccino milk frother.

It’s a device essential for folks that want to make milk-based drinks like latte macchiatos and cappuccinos.

The lid for the capsule slot isn’t easy for most folks to open. If you have arthritis or similar conditions, I’d recommend a different Nespresso maker (like the Vertuo Plus). 

It takes around 30 seconds for the machine to heat up, and it’ll automatically power off after 2 minutes [1]. Combine those features with its compact nature, and you’ll have a machine that’s perfect for most offices.

As it’ll fit in most areas, it doesn’t take long to heat up and brew, and it’ll produce various types of coffee. 

However, it isn’t programmable. It connects to the Nespresso mobile app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but the app will only notify you of when it’s time to descale or perform maintenance on your machine. While practical, it doesn’t provide ideal functionality in many scenarios.

For instance, if you want to set it to brew coffee immediately when you wake up.

Let’s now delve into the finest high-end office coffee maker on the market.

2. Nespresso Creatista Pro: Best High-End Office Coffee Maker

breville nespresso creatista pro
Dimensions12.9 × 7.7 × 16.9 in (D, W, H)
Water Capacity68 fl oz = 13 cups
Machine TypeCapsule coffee maker
MaterialStainless steel
Carafe MaterialNA
Warranty1 year


  • No plastic casing.
  • Descaling alert.
  • High-quality pump.


  • Not many brew sizes to choose from.
  • Hard to see water reservoir.
  • Not much control over steam wand.

The Nespresso Creatista Pro, with its premium features like a precise steam wand, suits enthusiasts desiring barista-level coffee.

This pod coffee maker simplifies brewing. Insert a capsule, select your choice, and let the machine work. Offices with larger budgets would appreciate its quality and convenience.

The Creatista Pro is a part of the Nespresso Original line, which means it can only brew espresso from Nespresso Original pods. However, the inclusion of a milk frother and a touchscreen UI make this machine worth its cost.

I have mixed feelings about the water reservoir.

It’s removable, but you grip it with a tiny plastic ring that could snap if you hold it wrong. The tank’s also located on the machine’s rear, making it impossible to see the water level if other appliances surround the Pro.

It’s also more of a pain to grab if you have low-hanging wall cabinets above this coffee maker.

However, the rest of the machine has excellent materials and design. It uses a high-quality pump to ensure optimal steam and coffee pressure for great-tasting drinks. And the stainless steel body ensures the machine will outlive its warranty.

The inclusion of a steam wand separates this machine from other Nespresso models. It allows you to customize your milk’s texture. But not as much as espresso machines with swiveling 360-degree wands, which offer a creamier texture for milk.

However, it’ll automatically texture your milk per the specifications of the espresso drink you select on the touchscreen.

For instance, you select “Flat White,” and it’ll brew an ideal coffee and milk ratio for that drink. Then it’ll froth the milk in a way that it deems ideal for flat white drinks.

Explore the top office coffee maker ideal for those just starting their journey.

3. Hamilton Beach 2-Way: Best for Budgets

hamilton beach 2 way
Price *$
Dimensions10.63 × 12.20 × 13.70 in (D, W, H)
Water Capacity12 cups
Machine TypeDrip coffee maker
MaterialStainless steel
Carafe MaterialGlass
Warranty3 years


  • Offers flexibility with brewing options.
  • Easy to use with clear instructions.
  • Powers off after 2 hours.


  • Demands a lot of counter space.
  • Drip coffee can be messy.
  • Won’t keep drinks warm for long.

The Hamilton Beach 2-Way is best for budget-conscious coffee lovers wanting variety and convenience in their brewing options.

This drip coffee maker excels in delivering delightful java. It drips hot water through ground coffee, trapping the brewed drink in a carafe below. Ideal for small-budget offices, it balances cost-effectiveness with quality, providing quick coffee whenever needed.

If you’re looking for the most affordability and flexibility with coffee-making, you’ve found it.

It won’t brew pods, meaning you must deal with the cleanup involved with drip coffee. Since you must transfer ground coffee beans from a grinder or bin to the machine. And before use, you must dispose of the paper filter with coffee beans.

Glass carafes are excellent for producing the cleanest-tasting coffee, since metal won’t seep into it. However, it doesn’t retain heat well. And without a warming plate, your coffee will likely stay warm for 20–30 minutes.

Not ideal if you don’t drink a lot of coffee immediately. But it’s great if you’re serving a group of people coffee. And when you’re brewing for yourself, use the single-serve side of the machine.

Once you finish your coffee, the machine will power off after 2 hours, which could help save money on electricity bills.

The 2-Way isn’t difficult to use. The buttons clearly state what they do, which prevents confusion. And it isn’t difficult to switch between single-serve and carafe. Just flip a switch.

Discover the superior office coffee machine boasting a built-in grinder next.

4. Cuisinart Grind & Brew Plus: Best Office Coffee Makers with Grinder

cuisinart ss gb1
Price *$$
Dimensions10.75 × 11.73 × 15.93 in (D, W, H)
Water Capacity12 cups
Machine TypePod & drip coffee maker
MaterialGrinder: stainless steel
Casing: plastic & stainless steel
Carafe MaterialGlass
Warranty3 year


  • Supports reusable K-cups.
  • Serves single cups & carafes
  • Includes reusable filter


  • Not much drink customization.
  • Grinder is loud.

The Cuisinart Grind & Brew Plus suits enthusiasts of both coffee and tea, offering them a versatile, dual-function brewing system.

Drip coffee makers brew coffee by dripping hot water onto a grounds basket. The water seeps through, absorbing flavors, then drips into a carafe. Its simple operation and consistent output make it an ideal fit for offices.

Its compatibility with K-Cups, ground coffee, and the easy-to-understand interface make it well worth the cost.

This machine has 2 variations; glass or thermal carafe versions. The former’s better for great-tasting coffee. The latter better serves those who want to keep their coffee warm for hours. Both options work great for entertaining guests or pounding cup after cup of coffee.

If you don’t want the jitters from drinking too much coffee, use the single-serve side of the machine. It only uses K-Cups, but you could use your own ground coffee in reusable K-Cup pods.

I also recommend using this side if you want to minimize your cleanup. Since all you need to do to clean K-Cups is pull it from the machine and toss it in a trash can.

The reusable filter is nice because it doesn’t require a recurring paper filter cost. But it’s more difficult to clean, since finer coffee grounds can wedge themselves into the mesh or make their way into your coffee.

You could select whether you want “Bold” coffee—extracts more flavor—but that’s all the control you have over your drink’s extraction.

The built-in grinder isn’t amazing. It’s a blade grinder, which doesn’t produce the most consistent bean grinds (negatively affecting flavor). And it’s loud, which means you shouldn’t program it to power on when you’re sleeping.

However, using a blade over a burr grinder results in a more affordable machine.

Ready for convenience? Learn about the best plumbed office coffee maker.

5. Keurig K3500: Best Office Coffee Maker with Water Line

keurig k3500
Price *$$$
Dimensions18 × 12 × 17.4 in (D, W, H)
Water CapacityNA; uses direct plumbing connection
Coffee Maker TypePod coffee maker
MaterialPlastic & stainless steel
Carafe MaterialNA
Warranty1 year


  • Offers 5 brew sizes.
  • Direct water plumbing compatibility.
  • Automatically dispenses K-Cups


  • Requires plumbing for water supply.
  • Only compatible with Keurig pods.
  • Large size may not fit all spaces.

The Keurig K3500 is best suited for busy offices needing multiple cups of coffee quickly and easily.

This machine is a pod coffee maker.

You insert a pre-packaged pod filled with ground coffee into the device. The machine punctures the pod and sends hot water, creating coffee. It’s an ideal solution for offices, as it caters to various tastes with different pod options and swiftly serves numerous team members.

The machine’s robust built quality and inclusion of features makes it well worth the price.

You don’t have much variety with the coffee types you can brew since it only allows K-Cups. But it offers various cup sizes to accommodate many folks’ coffee-drinking needs. Cup sizes include 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12 ounces.

The adjustable drip tray makes it able to support travel mugs. And it’s removable, which makes it much easier to clean.

The pod dispenser will automatically rip pods from the pod slot and spit it into a bin, which removes an additional task anyone in your office would need to do with the Keurig. 

The machine will fit on most countertops, so long as you don’t have low-hanging wall cabinets. Or the need for a bunch of other appliances. Otherwise, the K3500’s height prevents it from fitting.

You’re likely after a direct water line connection to remove the need to refill the water reservoir constantly. While nice, it removes portability from this machine and limits where you can place it.

As for functionality, other than cup sizes, the touch screen only allows you to choose whether you want regular or Strong coffee. The latter option brews slower to extract more flavors.

We’re shifting gears to a premier commercial office coffee maker.

6. Keurig K2500: Best Commercial Office Coffee Maker

keurig k2500
Price *$$$
Dimensions36.1 × 19 × 33 cm (D, W, H)
Water CapacityDirect plumbing connection
Coffee Maker TypePod coffee maker
MaterialPlastic & stainless steel
Carafe MaterialNA
Warranty1 year


  • Brews quietly, reducing noise in the environment.
  • Offers multiple brew sizes, catering to different preferences.
  • Direct water line plumbing connection allows easy refills.


  • Must access settings to control brew temperature.
  • High price points may not be suitable for home use.
  • Does not brew cappuccinos or lattes, limiting beverage options.

The Keurig K2500 is perfect for coffee lovers craving speed and simplicity in a high-demand setting like offices.

The Keurig K2500 is a pod coffee maker. You pop in a coffee pod, press start, and voilà, coffee brews instantly. It’s ideal for offices as it caters to diverse tastes, reduces cleanup time, and provides fast, consistent coffee all day.

If you’re in this section, you’re after a coffee maker that can serve high volumes of people without frequent maintenance. The water line connection prevents you from having to refill your reservoir constantly.

Add a filter to that connection, and it’ll help prevent mineral buildup. Eliminating the need to descale your machine.

It’ll cater to various cup sizes (4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12 ounces) and offers only a Strong brew selection type. The Strong option brews your coffee slower to help extract more flavors from beans.

It doesn’t include a milk frother, which makes it only good for brewing black coffee and espresso-based drinks like Americanos.

The drip tray is removable, which makes for easy cleaning and allows the machine to support travel mugs.

It’ll take around 31 seconds to heat the machine and a little over a minute to brew an 8 oz cup of coffee. Meanwhile, it doesn’t make much noise, which makes it ideal for quiet offices.

You can control the brew temperature, but you must access the Technician settings, which is annoying. Why not just give us more options on the cup/brew selection screen?

Make your home office complete with our top pick for home-based setups.

7. Ninja DualBrew Pro: Best Office Coffee Makers for Home Use

ninja dualbrew pro
Price *$$
Dimensions9.13 × 11.39 × 15.54 in (D, W, H)
Water Capacity60 fl oz = 12 5-fl oz cups
Coffee Maker TypeDrip coffee & pods
Carafe MaterialGlass
Warranty1 year


  • Offers pod & ground coffee brewing.
  • Independent hot water dispenser.
  • Fold-away frother.


  • Touchscreen is annoying
  • No temperature control settings.
  • No handle on water reservoir.

The DualBrew Pro is best for anyone who wants more control over their coffee size and brew strength.

A drip coffee maker heats water and guides it to a drip area. From there, it falls onto ground coffee in a filter, absorbing its essence. The liquid, now coffee, drips into a carafe below. Perfect for remote offices, it’s a time-efficient, user-friendly solution for frequent, quality coffee needs.

It’s worth the money if you’re someone who doesn’t like drinking the same thing daily.

Here are some of the features those in a home office will love about the DualBrew Pro:

  • Ground coffee & pod support: Great for drink variety.
  • Boiled or hot water dispenser: Brew tea or use it for instant soup & noodles.
  • Various brew options:
    • Classic: Nothing special.
    • Rich: Extracts more flavor.
    • Over Ice: More diluted drink.
    • Specialty: Concentrated coffee.
  • Various cup sizes: Brews up to 46 ounces at once

To shift through all the settings on your machine, you must do everything by swiping. If you have sweaty palms or just washed your hands, good luck trying to use this machine.

Combine the built-in milk frother and the Specialty brew setting, and you could have an espresso-like drink. It’s not truly espresso since you’re not brewing with 9 bars of pressure and the drinks don’t have much crema (a component of espresso) [2].

It does have a removable water tank, but it’s not great for anyone with butter fingers or wrist issues. You’ll need to grip this baby with both hands to carry it to your sink, since it doesn’t include a handle.

Those who the reservoir finds worthy of gripping will have an easier time cleaning it, though. Since you don’t need to carry a water pitcher back and forth from your sink.

Uncover the ideal coffee maker designed perfectly for your office desk next.

8. Keurig K-Slim: Best Coffee Maker for Office Desk

keurig k slim
Dimensions15.2 × 4.7 × 12.1 in (D, W, H)
Water Capacity36 fl oz = 6 cups
Coffee Maker TypeCapsule coffee maker
Carafe MaterialNA
Warranty1 year


  • Brews a cup in under 2 minutes.
  • Slim build uses less counter space.
  • Removable water reservoir.


  • Water reservoir is on machine’s rear.
  • May be too deep for some counters.
  • Only brews 8-, 10-, and 12-ounce coffee.

The Keurig K-Slim is ideal for people with limited space who value speed and convenience in their coffee-making routine.

The K-Slim is a pod coffee maker. These machines brew coffee by forcing hot water through a small pre-packaged pod filled with ground coffee. They’re superb for office desks, always ensuring a no-mess, swift cup.

The machine’s narrow size is a worthy investment for anyone needing a coffee machine that’ll fit on desktops.

It’ll brew coffee in under 2 minutes, making it great for anyone sitting at their desk and scratching their neck for their next cup of Joe. And whenever your coffee maker runs out of water, remove the reservoir.

I wish it included a handle like some K-Duo models, which makes it easier to grip for folks with bad wrists. And it would be nice to have a way to see the remaining water without having to peek behind the machine.

But you’re likely getting this machine for its size. Unless you don’t have much depth available. Then you’d want a K-Duo, which allows you to adjust the water reservoir’s position to fit on a shallow desk surface.

And unlike many Keurig models, the K-Slim doesn’t support many coffee brew sizes. It’s more ideal for folks who want to brew single cups. Not carafes.

In the UK? You won’t want to miss our leading office coffee maker choice.

9. Bonavita 5 Cup Drip Coffee Maker Machine: Best Office Coffee Maker, UK

bonavita 5 cup
Price *££
Dimensions31.2 × 15 × 26.9 in (D, W, H)
Water Capacity5 cups
Coffee Maker TypeDrip coffee maker
MaterialCasing: stainless steel
Reservoir: plastic
Carafe MaterialStainless steel
Warranty2 years


  • Uses a thermal carafe.
  • Compact design saves counter space.
  • SCA-certified.


  • Lacks programmable features.
  • Carafe lid is difficult to clean.
  • No hot plate.

The Bonavita 5 Cup Maker works best for anyone in the United Kingdom and Australia due to its widespread warranty program and ability to suit various taste preferences.

It’s a drip coffee maker, which requires you to place coffee grounds in filters. From there, it sprays water over the grounds, which results in coffee dripping into a carafe. This method works best for anyone who wants more control over their coffee tastes.

Bonavita is a brand known for manufacturing coffee makers that produce great-tasting coffee. Making this machine worth its value.

This machine produces such amazing coffee because of its Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certification. The thumbs up from the SCA shows that this maker met a bunch of strict requirements and went through tests.

For instance, it must reach an ideal brewing temperature in the 90 to 96 °C range and have an ideal brew ratio of 55 g of coffee per 1,000 kg of water [3 PDF link]. This certification means you’ll have coffee brewed at optimal parameters consistently.

Despite the number of features, it’s compact enough to accommodate most countertops.

It doesn’t include a hot plate, which means it doesn’t have a mechanism to keep your drink hot. However, thermal carafes by design keep drinks hot for at least a couple of hours. Thanks to stainless steel’s heat-retention properties.

It doesn’t have programmable features, which means you won’t have much control over your coffee’s taste. And the carafe is a bit harder to clean due to the carafe’s design. But this is a machine that’ll deliver the best-tasting coffee with the least amount of effort.

Next, let’s guide you on how to choose the ultimate office coffee maker.

How to Choose the Best Office Coffee Maker: Buyer’s Guide

Use this checklist to know how to find the best coffee maker for your office:

CriteriaWhy It’s Essential
Water Reservoir vs. Direct Water Line ConnectionEnsures easy water supply & minimizes time spent refilling for office use.
Programmability & Other FeaturesAllows for custom coffee settings, boosting productivity & satisfaction.
Automatic Milk FrotherProvides convenience & speeds up process for lattes or cappuccinos.
Drinks You Could MakeVariety encourages usage, catering to all team members’ preferences.
Time to Heat MachineQuick heat time means less waiting, maximizing productivity.
Machine TypeThe right machine type, e.g., drip or espresso, matches office needs.
Size & AppearanceShould fit office space & decor, creating a welcoming environment.

I did what I could to assume what factors would prove beneficial for folks in offices, but everyone has varying tastes and preferences. Use what I wrote as inspiration in creating your own checklist.

The following sections will provide more information on the points in the above table.

1. Water Reservoir vs. Direct Water Line Connection

Coffee makers with water reservoirs are portable, require manual refilling, and are ideal for small to medium-sized offices.

Coffee makers that directly connect to your home’s plumbing provide an endless supply of water, eliminating the need for refilling, and are perfect for large offices or commercial settings.

1. Machines w/ Water Reservoirs

Best for: Offices that value convenience and portability.


  • Portable: They can be placed anywhere.
    • Offering flexibility in office layout.
  • Easy Installation: No need for plumbing connections.
    • Making setup straightforward.
  • Control Over Water Quality: You can use filtered or bottled water.
    • Ensuring a great-tasting brew.


  • Frequent Refilling: Depending on usage, the reservoir may need to be refilled daily.
  • Limited Capacity: They can only make a certain number of cups before requiring a refill.
  • Maintenance: Require regular cleaning to prevent mineral buildup or bacteria growth.

Coffee makers with water reservoirs offer portability and control over water quality. However, frequent refilling and maintenance could be inconvenient.

2. Machines w/ Direct Plumbing Connection

Best for: Offices that need a constant supply of coffee without the hassle of refilling.


  • Uninterrupted Supply: Connected to the water line.
    • These machines provide a constant water supply.
  • High Volume: Ideal for large offices.
    • They can brew large quantities of coffee without requiring a refill.
  • Convenience: No need to worry about refilling or running out of water during busy office hours.


  • Installation: Requires a water line, which can limit where you place the machine.
  • Water Quality: The quality of the coffee will depend on the quality of your tap water.
  • Less Portable: Once installed, these machines are not easily moved.

In an office setting, coffee makers that connect directly to water lines offer convenience and high-volume brewing. However, their lack of portability and dependence on tap water quality could be drawbacks.

2. Programmability & Other Features

Consider these features when shopping for coffee makers for your office:

Coffee Maker FeaturesWhy Each Feature Is Useful
Programmable TimerAllows setting up coffee to brew at a specific time, reducing wait time.
Large CapacityCan serve multiple team members, reducing the need for frequent refills.
Auto Shut-OffSafety feature that minimizes the risk of leaving the machine on overnight.
Multiple Brew StrengthsSatisfies diverse taste preferences of team members, improving their coffee experience.
Built-in GrinderFreshly ground beans for each pot can enhance taste & overall experience.
Thermal CarafeKeeps coffee hot for longer periods, reducing the need for reheating.
Water FilterEnsures clean, great-tasting coffee, & may extend the machine’s lifespan.
Energy EfficientSaves on electricity costs & contributes to the company’s green initiatives.
Durable MaterialsLong-lasting machine reduces the need for replacements & repairs.
Quiet Brewing ProcessMinimizes noise distractions in an office environment.
Auto Pause & PourAllows pouring a cup mid-brew, useful for those needing coffee immediately.

Features like auto-pause and multiple brew strengths are specific to drip coffee makers over $100. More espresso makers will include built-in grinders, pre-infusion (extracts more bean flavor), and better temperature management features.

Most capsule coffee makers will include auto shut-off, heating times under 30 seconds, and quiet brewing.

The minutes spent on performing miniscule tasks on your coffee maker adds up. I recommend getting features that’ll save you time, which you could spend on work.

3. Automatic Milk Frother

Prioritize automatic milk frothers. They ensure quick, hands-off milk frothing, upping office efficiency. They also provide uniform froth consistency, contributing to improved drink quality. 

However, machines with this feature tend to be pricier. High-end machines boast pre-programmed drinks like cappuccinos. The frother adjusts automatically, guaranteeing accuracy.

4. Drinks You Could Make

Here are examples of espresso and black coffee drinks many office coffee machines can produce:

AmericanoCortadoLong macchiato
Black EyeGuillermoRápido y Sucio
CappuccinoGalãoCafé Crema
Dripped EyeIrish CoffeeFreddo Cappuccino
Flat WhiteCafé MediciAffogato al Caffe
LatteCafé BreveMocha
Lazy EyeVienna CoffeeCubano
Manilo Long BlackMacchiatoZorro
Red EyeEspresso RomanoMarocchino
Black coffeeEspresso shots

Only espresso makers (or Nespresso and Keurig machines) can brew all the espresso-based drinks in the table above. Nespresso machines from the Vertuo line and many Keurig machines can also brew black coffee.

When you think of capsule makers, you likely assume they’re single-serve-only. That’s false. Nespresso Original machines do only brew single cups, but Vertuo ones also support travel mugs and carafes. An important factor to consider if you drink a lot of coffee daily.

However, most of them don’t include milk frothers and steam wands, which are critical for frothing/steaming milk for drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites. You must buy separate milk frothers or immersion blenders in this scenario.

Drip coffee and pour-over makers can only make black coffee. They can’t brew espresso.

5. Time to Heat Machine

A quick heating coffee machine saves valuable minutes you could spend on work. You get your cup quicker, boost productivity, and reduce queues. One downside is energy efficiency—fast heat-up often demands more power. 

Consider different methods. Traditional single boiler systems, for example, take around 10–15 minutes. In contrast, thermoblock systems heat up in just 40–60 seconds. 

6. Machine Type

Let’s compare all the different types of machines that’ll work best for offices:

Coffee Maker TypeBest ForAverage Price
Super-automatic espresso makerAutomation, time saving, consistency$1,000–$2,500
Automatic pour-overConvenience, repeatability, simple clean up$150–$300
Semi-automatic espresso makerControl over process, experimentation, personalization$200–$700
Capsule makerSpeed, convenience, variety of flavors$100–$200
Manual pour-overMaximum control, low cost, minimalism$20–$60

Still conflicted? Let’s compare further:

  • Invest in a capsule maker if: Speed, variety, & effortless cleanup are essential.
  • Get a super-automatic espresso maker if: You value convenience & need espresso fast.
  • Choose an automatic pour-over if: Quality drip coffee with minimal fuss is your aim.
  • Opt for a semi-automatic espresso maker if: You appreciate fine control over your espresso shots.
  • Consider a manual pour-over if: You enjoy a hands-on brewing experience & seek flavor perfection.

Capsule coffee makers heat up the quickest, require the least cleanup, and have the most options with drinks. For instance, Nespresso Vertuo machines allow you to make black coffee and espresso drinks and take 25 to 30 seconds to heat up.

7. Size & Appearance

Small office coffee machines save space and make coffee faster, but often cater to fewer people. Large ones can serve more, but may monopolize valuable countertop real estate.

Aesthetic appeal plays a role too. A well-matching coffee maker enhances your office decor, boosting its overall visual appeal. Consider form and function to ensure your coffee maker fits your office’s unique needs and style.

FAQs for Office Coffee Makers

Read these frequently asked questions to get more details on information regarding shopping for office coffee machines.

What Is a Coffee Machine in an Office Called?

A coffee machine in an office is often referred to as an “office coffee machine” or “commercial coffee machine”.

It’s designed to quickly brew coffee in large quantities for employees and visitors.

Our Verdict

Here are our top picks

I chose the Breville Nespresso Vertuo Premium as the best overall machine due to its small size and ability to brew coffee quickly without much attention required. Features ideal for someone in a busy office environment who don’t want to waste time on their coffee maker.

nespresso vertuo next premium

Breville Nespresso Vertuo Next Premium: Best Overall

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 16.8 × 5.5 × 12.4 in (D, W, H)
  • Water Capacity: 37 fl oz = 7 cups
  • Machine Type: Capsule coffee maker
  • Material: Plastic & stainless steel
  • Carafe Material: NA
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • * Price will vary by model, manufacturer, and vendor.
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