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9 Best Coffee Makers With Grinders in 2024

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This is a review of the best coffee and espresso makers with grinders. Keep reading to find your ideal machine.

I don’t want to deal with transferring coffee grinds from one machine to another. That led me to write this list of the best coffee makers with grinders.

We went with the Breville Grind Control as the best overall because it includes an auto-start feature, customized grinds, and comes from a company known for high-quality machines.

breville grind control coffee

Breville Grind Control Coffee: Best Overall

  • Price: $$$
  • Machine Type: Drip coffee maker
  • Dimensions: 12.5 × 8.5 × 16.3 in (D, W, H)
  • Grinder Type: Conical stainless steel
  • Water Reservoir Size: 60.9 fl oz = 10 6-fl oz cups
  • Warranty: 1 year

You may not like its price. Check out the other available alternatives.

Let’s get to it.

9 Best Coffee Makers with Grinder for Home

  1. Breville Grind Control Coffee: Best overall
  2. BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Mill: Most affordable 
  3. Breville Barista Pro: Best machine with frother
  4. Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker: Best single-cup coffee maker
  5. Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1: Best for beginners
  6. Cuisinart DGB-900BC: Best maker that includes thermal carafe
  7. Gaggia Brera: Best under $500
  8. Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS: Most compact
  9. Gevi ‎GECMA025AK-U: Best coffee maker Canada

9 Top Coffee Makers with Grinders

Before reading this guide, understand the weaknesses of coffee and espresso makers with built-in grinders. They don’t provide as consistent of bean grinds as separate grinders. Leading to coffee that doesn’t have the best taste.

These types of machines are great for convenience, since they’ll combine 2 devices. To help you choose the right one, explore the buyer’s guide toward the end. It’ll provide criteria to consider when shopping for a machine.

Here’s a bit of information to clear up any confusion:

  • Dimensions:
    • D: depth
    • W: width
    • H: height

Let’s get to our first pick.

1. Breville Grind Control Coffee: Best Overall

breville grind control coffee
Price *$$$
Machine TypeDrip coffee maker
Dimensions12.5 × 8.5 × 16.3 in (D, W, H)
Grinder TypeConical stainless steel
Water Reservoir Size60.9 fl oz = 10 6-fl oz cups
Warranty1 year


  • Offers customizable features like grind profile & strength options.
  • Includes a convenient auto-start mode.
  • Capable of making both single cups & carafes of coffee.


  • Quite large.
  • Requires regular maintenance.
  • Pricier compared to other coffee makers with grinders on the market.

The Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker is ideal for people who want the versatility of single cup and carafe options.

It’s a drip coffee maker. This type of machine sucks water from a reservoir and pours it over a bunch of beans that reside in a paper filter. From there, the resulting coffee drips through the filter into your carafe.

It’s the easiest coffee maker to use. Making it ideal for beginners or folks who want caffeine and don’t care too much for taste.

The Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker is a pricier option compared to other coffee makers with grinders on the market.


It offers high-end brewing and grinding features, such as grind profile, strength options, and steep settings. Its programmable auto start and calibration function provide ultimate convenience, making it a good choice for those seeking a flavorful brew.

The Grind Control’s grind profile allows you to set optimal grind consistencies. It’s a great way to adjust your drink’s flavor by bean grind type. For instance, a finer grind will result in a stronger-tasting drink.

You don’t want too fine, though. Otherwise, it may not work. As drip coffee makers require coarser grind consistencies.

Speaking of grinders. It uses a conical stainless steel one. Conical burrs keep prices low, but don’t grind as consistently as flat burrs. Stainless steel is an ideal material for this price range, since it’ll stay sharp longer than ceramic burrs.

But it’ll heat up fast, which can burn your beans’ a bit. Making them taste more bitter.

I’ve been rambling with this machine. It’s not good for smaller kitchens due to its massive size. But its automatic startup feature is convenient for folks who want the machine to brew coffee while getting ready for work.

Let’s move on to a more affordable option.

2. BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Mill: Most Affordable Coffee Maker With Grinder

blackdecker 12 cup mill
Price *$
Machine TypeDrip coffee maker
Dimensions10 × 13.5 × 15.5 in (D, W, H)
Grinder TypeBlade grinder
Water Reservoir Size60.9 fl oz = 10 6-fl oz cups
Warranty1 year


  • Features an in-built grinder for fresh coffee.
  • Offers strength control to adjust the intensity of the brew.
  • Comes with 24-hour programmability for convenience.


  • Louder than other drip coffee makers due to the grinder.
  • The water reservoir is non-removable.

The BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Mill and Brew Coffeemaker is ideal for folks who want an easy-to-use and affordable coffee maker with a grinder.

Drip coffee makers don’t give you control over your drink’s taste, temperature, or quality. Since the machine automates everything, it’s ideal for beginner coffee makers or for someone who wants an appliance to make coffee for them.

It offers a built-in grinder, strength settings, and a large carafe, all contributing to a superior coffee experience. Its easy cleanup further justify its cost.

The 24-hour programmability clock will automatically grind beans and brew dripped coffee per your specifications. Meaning, you set it the night before work, and by the time you wake up, you’ll have fresh-brewed coffee.

It’s what motivates me to wake up each morning.

However, the machine may wake you up when grinding. Making it an excellent alarm. 

It uses a blade grinder. The worst kind. It results in a cheaper machine, but also a cheaper-tasting drink. As you won’t have as consistent of bean grinds compared to burrs.

And when it comes time to refill your water reservoir, you won’t have a good time. As it doesn’t have a removable water tank.

You must carry water pitchers to and from the machine. This lack of a removable tank also makes it more difficult to clean.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Check out the next pick.

3. Breville Barista Pro: Best Coffee Maker With Grinder & Frother

breville barista pro
Price *$$$
Machine TypeSuper-automatic espresso machine
Dimensions13.5 × 13.9 × 16 in (D, W, H)
Grinder TypeConical stainless steel burr
Water Reservoir Size67 oz = 67 solo espresso shots
Warranty2 years


  • Offers a fast heat-up time.
  • Provides a high degree of customization.
  • Includes pre-infusion.


  • Requires a learning curve for beginners.
  • Grinder settings can be difficult to adjust.
  • A bit pricey.

The Breville Barista Pro is ideal for coffee enthusiasts who want an integrated grinder and automatic steam wand for milk texturing.

Super-automatic espresso machines automate almost every aspect of espresso making. Except tamping, though some higher-end machines include automatic tamping. Those features make this machine type best for folks who want espresso made for them.

The Barista Pro makes espresso (concentrated coffee), not black coffee. Don’t get this if you want drip coffee.

And since we’re talking about espresso, you’ll need to know what kind of pressure this baby can apply, which is up to 15 bars. 9 bars is the ideal amount of pressure for espresso machines for a balanced taste [1]. 15 bars is great for those who prefer bitter-tasting coffee drinks.

Whether you opt for a balanced or bitter taste, you’ll love the included steam wand if you want cappuccinos, lattes, and other similar drinks. And to further enhance your drink’s taste, the Barista Pro includes a feature known as pre-infusion.

It gradually applies water pressure to your beans to help with balanced flavor extraction. Usually, machines with such a feature cost a fortune.

And let’s talk about the grinder.

Since you’re grinding for espresso, you don’t have many settings. As espresso drinks require finer grinds. The stainless steel burrs may heat up and result in flavor loss. Then the conical shape may result in uneven grinds.

However, if you were to go for a flat ceramic burr grinder, you’d pay a premium. Stainless steel conical burrs still provide great-tasting coffee in most scenarios.

The Barista Pro requires a lot of counter space. You may need a smaller coffee maker with a grinder.

4. Cuisinart DGB-2: Best Single-Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder

cuisinart dgb 2
Price *$$
Machine TypeDrip coffee maker
Dimensions11.7 × 7.28 × 12.72 in (D, W, H)
Grinder TypeConical stainless steel
Water Reservoir Size48 fl oz = 8 6-fl oz cups
Warranty3 years


  • Offers a built-in grinder for fresh coffee grounds
  • Provides a single-serve option for convenience
  • Comes with a reusable filter, reducing waste


  • The grinder may be noisy during operation
  • Cleaning the machine can be time-consuming
  • Some users reported issues with the grinder’s durability

The Cuisinart DGB-2 is ideal for coffee lovers seeking fresh, single-serve brews with minimal effort.

My previous pick was an espresso maker, now we’re back to drip coffee. These makers sacrifice control over taste and temperature for automated black coffee. It’s a great way to have black coffee made for you.

Considering its features and customer satisfaction, the Cuisinart DGB-2 is worth the price. It offers a unique combination of convenience and quality, providing a coffee shop experience in the comfort of your home.

Refer to the previous pick to learn why stainless steel conical burrs aren’t the best choice for flavor. However, they’re leagues ahead of blade grinders regarding grind consistency, which is important for even flavor extraction.

As with any machine with a grinder, the DGB-2 will make a lot of noise when grinding. Not ideal if you want to brew coffee at 5:00 AM. And many folks have reported that the grinder doesn’t last long.

You’re not paying that much for this machine. You can’t expect to pay for a grinder that’ll last forever. However, I love the reusable filter cup. It acts like a paper filter drip coffee makers typically use, but you don’t need to buy additional filters.

Giving you a means to save money for a more durable machine.

The cleaning may prove to be a pain, though. Due to the lack of removable components. And it’s not like a typical drip coffee maker due to its removable filter.

Let’s see the “easiest” coffee maker to use on this list.

5. Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1: Best Coffee Maker With Grinder for Beginners

cuisinart dgb 550bkp1
Price *$
Machine TypeDrip coffee maker
Dimensions7.48 × 11.20 × 15.6 in (D, W, H)
Grinder TypeBlade
Water Reservoir Size12 cups
Warranty3 years


  • Built-in grinder for whole bean coffee.
  • Convenient different brew time options.
  • Very affordable price tag.


  • Should be cleaned regularly.
  • The coffee paste can build up on the grinder.
  • The grinder is louder than normal.

The Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 is ideal for beginners due to its user-friendly features, such as the built-in grinder and programmable start time.

A drip coffee maker doesn’t give you any wiggle room to experiment with different flavors. But it’s a great way to get black coffee quickly.

Its combination of a built-in grinder and programmable features offers a level of convenience that justifies the cost. Moreover, its compact design makes it suitable for various settings, from small apartments to larger households, providing versatility that enhances its value.

It’s not ideal for smaller kitchens, but if you have the room, it’s a great way to save money as an entry-level coffee maker. 

Here’s why it’s the easiest to use:

  • Brew pause: Useful if an emergency arises & you must stop brewing immediately.
  • Auto shutoff: If you forget to turn off the coffee maker, it’ll do so for you.
  • Brews 4 cups: Choose whether you want to make coffee for yourself or for multiple folks.
  • Filter basket: Doesn’t require buying additional paper filters.

Since it’s a drip maker with a built-in grinder, you must clean it frequently. Otherwise, you may accidentally mix bits of stale coffee beans with your fresh ones. It doesn’t taste good. Trust me.

Another downside comes from the lack of a thermal carafe, which would prove useful if you want to make a bunch of hot coffee then drink it throughout the day.

The next pick has one, though.

6. Cuisinart DGB-900BC: Best Coffee Maker With Grinder & Thermal Carafe

cuisinart dgb 900bc
Price *$$
Machine TypeThermal coffee maker
Dimensions11.6 × 8.3 × 16.3 in (D, W, H)
Grinder TypeConical stainless steel burr
Water Reservoir Size60 fl oz = 12 cups
Warranty3 years


  • Features a programmable control panel for easy operation.
  • Comes with a thermal carafe that keeps coffee warm for hours.


  • Cleaning the machine can be challenging due to the integrated grinder.
  • Filling the water tank can be tricky due to the design.

The Cuisinart DGB-900BC is best for those who want to keep your coffee hot throughout the day.

Thermal coffee makers work the same as drip coffee. Except instead of a glass carafe, it uses a metal one. These are made out of steel or aluminum to ensure your drink stays warm for longer. Great for making coffee earlier on in the day and drinking it later.

Despite being on the higher end of the price spectrum, its durability and versability ensure it’ll remain useful for a long time.

Unlike the last pick, this one doesn’t demand as much counter real estate. Making it great for smaller kitchens. So long as your cabinets aren’t lower than 16 inches. Then it would need more space than you could handle.

The stainless steel burrs result in more consistent bean grinds compared to blade grinders. However, they’ll heat up faster than ceramic burrs, leading to slightly more bitter drinks. And the conical shape doesn’t produce as consistent of grinds as flat burrs.


The grind control allows you to select medium-coarse, medium-fine, and slightly fine grinds. Giving you more control over your drink’s strength. As finer grinds lead to a stronger-tasting drink.

The water tank is a pain to access. It’s not removable, which means you’ll have to carry pitchers to it when refilling. And you’ll need to haul the machine to your sink when it comes time to clean.

Lastly. It comes with a programmable timer. Set the machine to grind and brew drinks when you wake up. Ensuring you won’t risk missing your cup of coffee before work.

Do you want a better-quality machine? Ready your wallet.

7. Gaggia Brera: Best Coffee Machine With Grinder Under $500

Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine
Price *$$$
Machine TypeSuper-automatic espresso machine
Dimensions17.5 × 10 × 12.4 in (D, W, H)
Grinder TypeConical ceramic burr
Water Reservoir Size40.5 fl oz = 6 6-fl oz cups
Warranty1 year


  • Compact size saves space.
  • Comes with a built-in burr grinder.
  • Easy to clean with removable parts.


  • Small water reservoir.
  • Grinder can be loud.
  • Steaming wand is made of cheap material.

The Gaggia Brera is an excellent choice for beginners who seek a user-friendly, entry-level espresso machine.

The Brera is a super-automatic espresso machine that doesn’t give you control over espresso making like manual and semi-automatic makers. But it’s a great way to produce back-to-back espresso drinks quickly.

Great for offices and entertaining guests.

Despite some plastic components, it offers a compact design, easy cleaning, and a one-year warranty, which provides value that surpasses its cost.

Brera’s ceramic burrs won’t heat up like stainless steel ones, which will preserve your beans’ flavor. However, they won’t stay sharp as long as steel ones [2]. Though, this only becomes an issue if debris (e.g., a pebble) got mixed in with your coffee beans.

Then it would cause your ceramic burr to crack and become useless. Potentially requiring you to replace your entire machine.

The front-loading water reservoir is nice because it’s easier to access. It’s also removable, which means it’s easier to clean and refill. Something you must do frequently, since it’s so small.

Despite all the features the Brera includes, it doesn’t demand too much space. Making it a great espresso machine to plop in a small kitchen or on a coffee cart.

Is it not small enough? Let’s see what you think of this next pick.

8. Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS: Best Small Coffee Machine With Grinder

capresso 465 coffeeteam ts
Price *$$
Machine TypeThermal coffee maker
Dimensions9 × 9.5 × 15.5 in (D, W, H)
Grinder TypeConical stainless steel
Water Reservoir Size50 oz = 10 5-fl oz cups
Warranty1 year


  • Features a programmable timer for convenience.
  • Includes a thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for several hours.


  • Cleaning the grinder can be difficult due to its inaccessibility.
  • Flavor extraction could be improved.

The Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS is an ideal choice for anyone wanting a compact coffee maker with a grinder that could also fit in cabinets for storage.

Since it’s a thermal coffee maker, water will pour through a paper filter filled with grounds and drip into a thermal carafe. It’s an automated way to make black coffee that’ll stay hot throughout the entire day.

It offers a built-in grinder, programmability, and a thermal carafe for maintaining coffee temperature. 

Stainless steel burrs last longer than ceramic ones, but heat up fast. Resulting in flavor loss with coffee beans. And since it has a conical shape, it won’t have as consistent results as flat burrs.

You shouldn’t notice too much of a difference, though. Usually, connoisseurs would notice such a detail.

Regardless, the machine’s worth the price since it’ll last a long time.

While the machine is small, the grinder’s tucked in the back, making it difficult to access for cleaning. You’ll likely need to pull the machine away from your counter when it’s time to clean.

Otherwise, considering the machine’s price point, it doesn’t include special features that could extract more flavors from beans. For instance, using ceramic burrs instead of steel ones.

Here’s our last pick.

9. Gevi 1025A: Best Coffee Maker With Grinder Canada

gevi 1025a
Price *$$$
Machine TypeDrip coffee maker
Dimensions22 × 36.5 × 35.1 cm (D, W, H)
Grinder TypeConical stainless steel burr 
Water Reservoir Size50 fl oz = 10 5-fl oz cups
Warranty1 year


  • Offers a large capacity for brewing coffee.
  • Features a programmable timer for convenience.


  • The grinder can be a bit noisy.
  • The machine may not be durable over a long period of use.

The Gevi 1025A is the top coffee maker with a grinder for people in the UK, Australia, and the Philippines due to its dual voltage compatibility and easy-to-use interface.

Drip coffee makers don’t let you tailor black coffee drinks to your preferences, since it automates everything. Making it a better choice for those who want coffee quickly. If you want more control, use a pour-over coffee maker.

Considering its features and performance, the Gevi 1025A is worth the price. Its grind-and-brew functionality, programmable settings, and large capacity offer great value for money.

The plastic body encasing the Gevi makes it less susceptible to wear-and-tear compared to machines with stainless steel casings. However, since it uses a stainless steel burr, that part will last longer than grinders with ceramic ones.

Since they’re less susceptible to cracking and don’t lose sharpness as quickly.

It has a massive coffee bean hopper, which could provide drinks for up to 10 people at once. But since it doesn’t include a thermal carafe, you’ll need to drink quickly. Unless you prefer iced coffee.

Otherwise, there’s not much else to say about this machine.

If you’re wondering whether you’ve made the right choice, refer to the following buying guide.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker with Grinders

Consider this checklist when searching for coffee and espresso makers with built-in grinders:

CriteriaWhy it’s Important
Grinder TypeGrind quality & noise
Brew SettingsVersatility & preference
SizeSpace considerations
Bean Hopper CapacityBrew volume
Auto-Start FeatureConvenience
Ease of CleaningMaintenance effort
PriceBudget considerations

The following sections will dive deeper into each point in the above criteria. I’ll compare different features and gimmicks machines will typically offer. And whether they’re worth getting.

Onto the first point.

1. Grinder Type

You’ll find one of 2 grinder types in coffee machines.

Burr grinders are ideal for coffee enthusiasts who value consistency. They crush coffee beans to a uniform size, leading to a balanced extraction and full-bodied flavor.

Blade grinders work best for coffee drinkers who prioritize convenience. They chop beans like a blender. This action can heat the beans, potentially affecting taste, and the size of the grounds varies. Leading to inconsistent flavor.

Whatever coffee or espresso machine you get will likely include a burr grinder.

Leading us to consider additional factors, first, let’s cover flat versus conical burrs:

  • Flat Burr: Flat burrs provide incredibly consistent grinds but can be pricey.
    • The precise grind results in an even extraction for a smoother tasting coffee [3].
  • Conical Burr: These burrs offer a variety of grind sizes, making them perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with different brewing methods.
    • The wide range of grind sizes can alter the flavor profile significantly.

Then there’s the burr materials:

  • Plastic: Lightweight and cost-effective, plastic grinders are great for occasional use.
    • They aren’t as durable and can potentially influence the taste of your coffee.
  • Steel: These grinders are robust and long-lasting. They heat up quickly, which might alter the taste slightly.
    • Ideal for heavy coffee drinkers due to their durability.
  • Ceramic: Often found in high-end machines, ceramic grinders offer exceptional grind consistency & don’t heat up as much, preserving your coffee’s natural flavor.
    • Best for those who don’t mind a higher price tag.

Manufacturers will make most burrs out of stainless steel to make them more affordable. Weigh the pros and cons of each grinder and burr type. Then consider your materials.

2. Brew Settings

Different brew strengths cater to individual preferences, from light to bold. These settings can impact the flavor and richness of your coffee. 

Grind settings also matter. They allow you to control the coffee grind size, which affects extraction and taste. 

Certain coffee makers with grinders provide programmable settings. These features can automate your brewing routine. Making coffee when you need it. 

The more adjustable the settings, the more tailored your coffee experience.

3. Size

A compact design can easily fit into a small kitchen or office setup, providing the convenience of freshly ground coffee without overwhelming the area.

Larger machines often have more features, such as bigger hoppers and grind settings. However, they require more space.

4. Bean Hopper Capacity

A large hopper saves you from frequent bean refills, Helpful if you consume several cups daily or cater to multiple coffee drinkers.

Practice awareness here. Beans stored for long periods can lose freshness, affecting the coffee’s taste.

A small hopper, although requiring more regular refills, keeps beans fresher for each brew.

5. Auto-Start Feature

An auto-start feature in a coffee maker with a grinder offers convenience and time-saving benefits. It allows you to set a brewing schedule, meaning you can wake up to freshly ground and brewed coffee.

It removes the need for manual start-up, saving you precious morning minutes. 

6. Ease of Cleaning

Coffee makers with simple design and detachable parts are easier to clean, saving you time. Since you won’t need to disassemble your machine to clean it.

And proper cleaning keeps the machine functioning efficiently and preserves coffee flavor by preventing buildup of old grounds. Hence, an easy-to-clean machine should be high on your priority list.

7. Price

High-end models may offer superior grind consistency and brewing options, enhancing your coffee experience. Budget-friendly alternatives can provide satisfactory results, though they might lack advanced features.

Align your choice with your financial comfort and desired coffee quality.

Types of Coffee Makers with Grinders

Let’s compare the different types of coffee machines that typically include grinders:

Type of Coffee MakerAverage Price *Grinder TypeBest For
Espresso Maker$100-$5,000Burr & flatCoffee-shop- quality beverages
Drip Coffee$50-$250Burr & bladeQuick & affordable coffee
Thermal Coffee maker$50-$300Burr & bladeKeeps drinks hotter longer

* Price will vary by model, manufacturer, and vendor.

The following sections will compare the differences among these types of coffee makers, their average price, and who they’re best for.

1. Espresso Maker

  • Average price: $100–$5,000
  • Drinks it can make: Americano, latte, macchiato, cappuccino, mocha, flat white, & more
  • Best for: Drink variety

Except for a select few combination machines, these types of machines will only produce espresso shots. Opening up a world of espresso-based beverages. And most of these will include milk frothers, which allows you to make drinks like lattes.

Espresso making is expensive, though.

Most machines that produce decent-tasting coffee start at $500—that’s without a grinder. Many espresso makers with grinders will cost at least $600. And they’re mostly super-automatic espresso makers.

Meaning, you won’t have much control over how your drink is made. Though, some high-end machines will allow you to program specific adjustments to your drink.

2. Drip Coffee Maker

  • Average machine price: $50–$250
  • Drinks it can make: Black coffee
  • Best for: Affordable coffee

Drip coffee makers produce black coffee by flushing hot water through coffee beans packed into a filter. You won’t have as much variety with coffee drinks available compared to espresso. But you won’t pay as much for your coffee.

Plus, they won’t require your undivided attention to use. As most affordable espresso machines (e.g., manual makers) require manual input at every step.

Many drip coffee makers don’t include grinders, though. And let’s be honest. You won’t have coffee that tastes as good as getting a separate grinder. If you have the space, go that route. Or get pre-ground beans.

3. Thermal Coffee Maker

  • Average price: $50–$300
  • Drinks it can make: Black coffee
  • Best for: Keeping drinks hot throughout the day.

Thermal coffee makers are the same as drip coffee, except they include thermal carafes made of metal instead of glass. This results in coffee that’ll stay hot for hours, but may have a slight metallic taste.

It’s rare to find thermal coffee makers with grinders that fall under $100. And if you do, run. It may catch on fire.

FAQs: Coffee Makers with Grinders

Read on to find some commonly asked questions about coffee makers with grinders.

What are Some Brands that Make Coffee Makers with Grinders?

Brands that make coffee makers with grinders include De’Longhi, Ninja, Breville, Cuisinart, and Capresso among others.

Our Verdict

Here are the top 3 choices:

  1. Breville Grind Control Coffee: Has the most robust build & features.
  2. BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Mill: An affordable way to grind beans & automate making black coffee.
  3. Breville Barista Pro: Affordable, yet high-quality espresso maker with a grinder.

I chose the Breville Grind Control Coffee maker as the superior coffee maker with a grinder due to its robust build and granular grind control. As many coffee makers in this category use plastic bodies and don’t have the best grinders.

If you prefer espresso makers, yet want one with a grinder, check out our recommendations.

breville grind control coffee

Breville Grind Control Coffee: Best Overall

  • Price: $$$
  • Machine Type: Drip coffee maker
  • Dimensions: 12.5 × 8.5 × 16.3 in (D, W, H)
  • Grinder Type: Conical stainless steel
  • Water Reservoir Size: 60.9 fl oz = 10 6-fl oz cups
  • Warranty: 1 year
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