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5 Best 14-Cup Coffee Makers in 2024

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This is a review of the best 14-cup coffee makers. Dive in and find a new high-capacity coffee maker.

I often entertain coffee-loving guests who drink a decent amount of coffee. And I need a coffee maker that could accommodate such guests. Hence, why I built this list.

I chose the Bella Pro Series 90061 as the best 14-cup coffee maker because it includes strength control and a reusable filter. Both features contribute to better-tasting coffee and cost savings.

bella pro series coffee maker

Bella Pro Series: Best Overall

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 24 × 14 × 16 in (D, W, H)
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Carafe Material: Glass
  • Warranty: 2 years

You may find it difficult to find said machine in stock, though. If that’s the case, consider one of my many alternatives.

Check out our picks

Best 14-Cup Coffee Makers for Home Use

  1. Bella Pro Series: Top pick
  2. Cuisinart DCC-3200: Beginner-friendly
  3. Technivorm Moccamaster 39340: Includes thermal carafe
  4. Hamilton Beach Programmable: Includes programmable function
  5. Ninja DCM201: Best coffee maker, UK

Top 14-Cup Coffee Makers

The following sections will cover the advantages and disadvantages of each machine, along with any noteworthy features. I’ll also provide other relevant information that could sway or dissuade you from buying each machine.

I did what I could to ensure all machines on this list have 14-cup capacities. But there aren’t many existing coffee makers with such capacities. One of the machines on this list supports 15 cups. To accommodate 14, fill the reservoir to your desired level.

Let’s get some facts out of the way:

Nespresso doesn’t have any Vertuo machines that support 14 cups. As all their machines support up to 18 oz max with the carafes. Keurig also doesn’t have any appliances that support up to 14 cups.

And I couldn’t find any 14- or more-cup coffee makers with built-in grinders. Meaning, you must buy a separate grinder to use all these machines.

All these machines are also drip coffee makers. These work by placing coffee grounds in a filter and pressing a button. The machine then boils water and showers it over your grounds. The resulting coffee drink then drips into your 14-cup carafe.

I digress. Let’s continue with our first pick.

1. Bella Pro Series Coffee Maker: Best Overall

bella pro series coffee maker
Price *$$
Dimensions24 × 14 × 16 in (D, W, H)
MaterialStainless steel
Carafe MaterialGlass
Warranty2 years


  • Strength customization.
  • Includes reusable filter.
  • Has pause-&-serve.


  • Window to see remaining water is on machine’s side.
  • Often difficult to find machine in stock.
  • Requires a lot of vertical clearance.

The Bella Pro Series is best for daily home users who desire customizable brew strength.

So long as you could find this machine in stock, it’s worth the cost. A lot of the time, it’s not available.

However, getting the Bella Pro 90061 would give you an affordable machine with many features. For instance, it has strength control—a feature many coffee makers don’t include.

It allows you to customize whether you want the machine to brew for longer or shorter. Set it for the former to have stronger-tasting, more flavorful coffee. Use the latter for a quicker brew that has a more watered-down taste.

Those who are impatient and don’t mind burning their mouth with hot coffee will love the pause-and-serve perk. It allows you to snatch the carafe from the machine mid-brew and pour your coffee. And once you’re done pouring, return the carafe, and it’ll continue brewing.

Ensure you keep a rag nearby your machine if you utilize this feature. Though a locking mechanism will block the spout that leads to your carafe, drips could escape and splash onto your carafe warmer.

Use the rag to wipe it down.

I wasn’t surprised by the poor decision of the water reservoir’s location. It requires you to open your machine (from the top). That requires several inches of vertical clearance, which would make it more inconvenient to keep this thing under a wall cabinet.

Do you think you’ll have other appliances surrounding the Bella Pro 90061? Good luck seeing the water reservoir window. It’s on the machine’s side and makes it a pain to see unless you keep it on the edge of your counter.

The reusable Gold Tone filter eliminates the need for continually buying single-use paper filters. But it gives you an extra thing to do every time you finish brewing coffee—cleaning. Plus, finer coffee grounds could slip through the mesh and into your coffee.

However, Gold Tone filters don’t absorb coffee oils, which will result in a cleaner-tasting coffee. A similar taste to what paper filters would provide is a good thing.

Consider the next best option if you can’t find this machine in stock.

2. Cuisinart PerfecTemp: Best for Beginners

cuisinart perfectemp
Price *$
Dimensions7.75 × 9 × 14 in (D, W, H)
MaterialStainless steel
Carafe MaterialGlass
Warranty3 years


  • Charcoal filter cleans water.
  • Includes Gold Tone mesh filter.
  • Carafe temperature control.


  • Can’t remove water reservoir.
  • Not many strength control options.
  • No point to “1–4” cup button.

The Cuisinart PerfecTemp (DCC-3200) is ideal for busy households or small offices.

Consider this machine a great investment if you’re after an affordable coffee maker and don’t care much about taste or temperature control. There’s a Bold button that’ll brew coffee slower for a more flavorful drink, but that’s all.

The included charcoal filter cleans your water, resulting in a cleaner-tasting coffee. However, you must replace this every once in a while. That’ll add a cost to maintaining the machine. Unless you remove the filter entirely and add filtered water.

It would be nice to have a removable water tank. Considering the reservoir’s size, you’d probably need to give it a bear hug and lug it to your sink. Making it not the biggest concern, but it’ll make cleaning and refilling a bit more difficult.

And since there’s a reservoir with markers, why would you need a “1-4” button? We could just fill the reservoir to 1 or 4 cups. They wasted a feature that they could have used for more strength control options.

For instance, it would have been better to have an “Over Ice” drink option.

Despite the lack of coffee control, there’s carafe temperature management. Set the carafe to warm your coffee at high, medium, or low temperatures for 0–4 hours. A boon for anyone who wants coffee at a certain temperature a bit later in the day.

The Gone Tone mesh filter helps reduce expenses by eliminating the need to buy paper filters. But if you’re someone who prefers cleaner-tasting coffee, you may want to consider spending $18 a year on these [1].

If you don’t trust that this is one of the best coffee makers out there, then consider Consumer Report’s opinion [2]. They help further concrete my point as to why this is one of the best machines out there.

You may not like the drink temperatures this drink offers. Consider the next machine if that’s the case.

3. Technivorm Moccamaster Grand CDT: Best 14-Cup Coffee Maker with a Thermal Carafe

technivorm moccamaster grand cdt
Price *$$$
Dimensions6.75 × 12.5 × 17.75 in (D, W, H)
Water Capacity / Cups it can Produce15 cups
Carafe MaterialStainless steel
Warranty5 years


  • SCA-certified.
  • Brews fairly quick.
  • Has a simple design.


  • No warming plate.
  • Requires a lot of vertical space.
  • Only 1 fill line on water reservoir.

The Technivorm Moccamaster Grand CDT (39340) is best for coffee enthusiasts who value high-quality, artisan brewing, and durability.

And despite the higher price point, it’s worth the buy.

The main reason comes from the fact that it’s certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). This certification states that the machine passed a series of tests that ensure they meet the SCA’s rigorous criteria.

Having a brewing temperature of 196–205 °F is one of the main criteria each machine with this certification must meet [3]. Such criteria ensure SCA machines will brew high-quality cups of coffee consistently.

It’s the easiest way to optimize coffee-making without having to spend a bunch of time learning the ropes.

It’ll take the CDT a total of 7 minutes to spew coffee into your cup. That time accounts for warming up the machine and spitting it into your cup. Quicker than many other drip coffee makers, which take around 10 or more minutes.

The machine’s design may fit some kitchens’ aesthetics. It’s simple and uses many round shapes in its design. It also doesn’t have a typical carafe. It uses a double-walled stainless steel carafe that sort of resembles a growler.

But this growler-like carafe will prove its worth if you need to supply guests or coworkers with a lot of coffee for hours.

As the stainless steel’s natural properties will keep your coffee warm for hours. But that means the Technivorm has no warming plate. Not ideal if you like hot coffee for longer.

The Grand CDT doesn’t give us the easiest user experience regarding the number of cups we could put. They have 1 fill line (15 cups). You must get a measuring cup and add the amount of water you want if you want anything less.

And because this machine’s robust, it requires a lot of vertical space. 17.5 inches already demands enough space. Then you must access the water reservoir from the top, which will require additional space.

The CDT isn’t the lightest machine in the market, which could mean it’s a bit harder to move.

I have a solution if you want a machine that’s easier to fill. But you’ll have to keep reading.

4. Hamilton Beach FrontFill: Best Programmable 14-Cup Coffee Maker

hamilton beach frontfill
Price *$
Dimensions11.2 × 8.2 × 14.4 in (D, W, H)
MaterialStainless steel
Carafe MaterialGlass
Warranty1 year


  • Fill the machine from the front.
  • Automatically powers off after 4 hours.
  • Includes Gold Tone filter.


  • No removable water reservoir.
  • Not many brew strength options.

The Hamilton Beach Programmable coffee maker is best for busy individuals who value convenience and customizability.

The FrontFill has a front-filling design. Open a door on the machine’s front to access the filter basket. Or open a small hatch on the front to access the water reservoir. Both design choices make this machine perfect for anyone with low-hanging wall cabinets.

You won’t need to move the machine when you want to refill the water tank or add a filter and coffee.

A removable water reservoir would have made this machine a perfect choice for anyone, though. It would have made cleaning simple and refilling more straightforward.

And unlike most coffee manufacturers, the FrontFill has a water reservoir indicator that protrudes beyond the machine’s surface. Making it easy to see how much water you have left in the tank if your machine is surrounded by other appliances.

The machine also includes a Gold Tone filter. You won’t need to constantly buy paper filters. Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about having funky-tasting coffee that stainless steel filters usually result in.

Steel filters often absorb more coffee oils and leak a metallic taste into your drink.

The machine doesn’t offer many brewing strength options. There’s only Regular and Bold. The latter extracts more flavors by brewing slower. It would have been nice to see an option for a more diluted-tasting coffee.

And once you finish brewing, the machine will automatically power off after several hours. Meanwhile, it’ll keep your drink warm using a warming plate. If that’s too long to wait for it to power off, customize the power-off time.

If you’re in the United Kingdom, you may not have access to the previous machines. Check out this last one if that’s the case.

5. Ninja DCM201: Best 14-Cup Coffee Maker, UK

ninja dcm201
Price *$
Dimensions25 × 19.9 × 36.4 cm (D, W, H)
MaterialStainless steel
Carafe MaterialGlass
Warranty1 year


  • You can warming plate on/off.
  • Includes removable water reservoir.
  • Brews in ideal temperature range.


  • Water reservoir is in the machine’s rear.
  • Cord storage isn’t anything great.
  • Easy to cover with fingerprints.

The Ninja DCM201 is ideal for UK residents due to its 220–240V compatibility, programmable settings for personalized brewing, and compact design that suits smaller UK kitchens.

Ninja coffee makers tend to last long and include a buttload of features. Hence, why this one’s an excellent investment.

The greatest feature the DCM201 includes is the “WARM” button. Pressing it will power on and off the warming plate. Say you don’t have much coffee left in your carafe, but it’s cold. Press this button and let the maker warm your remaining coffee.

I hope you don’t mind fingerprints. The DCM201 has no coatings to prevent fingerprints from getting on the button area. If that bugs you, keep a rag nearby and wipe down the machine’s surface before use.

The water reservoir sits on the machine’s rear, which isn’t great if you have low-hanging wall cabinets. But it’s removable, which means you won’t need to reach a pitcher over your machine. You must ensure your machine has ample space to pull out the reservoir.

Having a removable reservoir means that it’s easier to clean and refill.

If you frequently move around your coffee machine, you may not like that it doesn’t have much cord storage on the machine’s rear. A con that isn’t the end of the world, but a bit annoying.

Otherwise, it’ll brew between 90 and 96 °C (ideal brewing temperature) [4]. Meaning you’ll have coffee with a consistent temperature and taste.

That’s all for the machines. If you’re hesitant about buying, use the criterion throughout the following sections to see whether you’re making the right choice.

Guide to Buying the Best 14-Cup Coffee Maker

Here’s what you should consider when searching for coffee makers that’ll brew up to 14 cups:

Brew QualityDetermines the taste and aroma of the coffee.
DurabilityAffects the lifespan and overall reliability.
Ease of UseEnsures a smooth, hassle-free coffee making.
Cleaning & MaintenanceSimpler cleaning contributes to product longevity.
Additional FeaturesCan enhance convenience and coffee quality.
PriceShould fit within the buyer’s budget.

The following sections will dive further into each of these criteria. You might not have the same preferences and needs as what I’ll cover. Meaning, you should leave and take tidbits of what I provide.

1. Brew Quality

Brew quality affects the taste, aroma, and overall enjoyment of coffee. When shopping for a 14-cup coffee maker, consider one that ensures consistent temperature control and water distribution for optimal extraction.

High-quality 14-cup coffee makers can produce excellent brews, but the results also depend on factors like the freshness of the coffee beans, their grind size, and the water quality.

2. Durability

Durability is key in a 14-cup coffee maker to ensure longevity amidst frequent, large-batch brewing. Durable machines typically feature robust materials like stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, and high-quality internal components, such as brass or ceramic grinders.

Most high-end models incorporate these attributes. Offering longer lifespan, consistent performance, and a better return on investment.

3. Ease of Use

Ease of use in a 14-cup coffee maker ensures a seamless coffee-making experience, saving time and reducing user stress

Factors contributing to ease of use include intuitive controls, clear instructions, easy cleaning, and automatic features like programmable brewing or auto-shutoff. Most modern 14-cup coffee makers incorporate such features.

4. Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance ensure longevity and optimal performance of a 14-cup coffee maker. Machines with removable, dishwasher-safe components like carafe, filter basket, and water tank contribute to easier upkeep.

Some 14-cup machines feature automatic cleaning cycles and descaling alerts. Before buying, verify these features are included as they simplify cleaning, prevent mineral build-up, and maintain coffee flavor.

5. Additional Features

Consider these features to make brewing with a 14-cup coffee maker easier:

FeatureHow It Makes Life Easier
Programmable TimerAutomate brewing to have coffee ready when you wake up.
Auto Shut-OffPrevents accidents and saves energy.
Self-Cleaning FunctionSaves time and effort on maintenance.
Multiple Brew Strength SettingsPersonalize the coffee to taste preference.
Digital Touchscreen InterfaceSimplifies interaction and enhances usability.
Insulated CarafeKeeps coffee hot longer, reducing reheating.
Small Batch Brewing OptionBrews smaller amounts without waste.

Most coffee makers that brew up to 14 cups will include automatic shutoff, a programmable timer, and multiple brew strength settings. Though, they’ll only allow you to select between Bold and Regular coffee.

Not the most options.

I’ve never seen a 14-cup coffee maker with a built-in grinder or Wi-Fi support. If those are features you’re after, consider buying a smart coffee maker or one with a grinder and filling multiple carafes.

Also to my surprise, most of them don’t offer stainless steel carafes, a feature that would keep coffee warm for hours without a warming plate. I’ve seen them on more expensive 14-cup machines.

6. Price

Price is crucial while buying a 14-cup coffee maker, as it often reflects quality, durability, and features like programmability or thermal carafes.

Higher prices usually signify advanced technologies, brand reputation, and premium materials. 

The average price varies significantly, ranging from $50 to $200, depending on the brand and features.

Our Verdict

Here are our top 3 picks:

  1. Bella Pro Series: Allows for more customization with coffee strength.
  2. Cuisinart DCC-3200: Produces clean-tasting coffee & doesn’t cost too much.
  3. Technivorm Moccamaster 39340: SCA-certified machine that brews up to 15 cups.

I chose the Bella Pro 90061 as the best choice because it has more strength customization than any other machine on this list. While it doesn’t have SCA certification like the Technivorm, it’s more affordable.

bella pro series coffee maker

Bella Pro Series: Best Overall

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 24 × 14 × 16 in (D, W, H)
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Carafe Material: Glass
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • * Price will vary by model, manufacturer, and vendor.
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